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Jayasri Das Sarma

Jadavpur University, Kolkata (1995)
Area of Interest:
Neural Cell Biology, Neuro Science
Email ID:
Research Interest:

Neural Cell Biology, Neurovirology, and Neurobiology of Diseases.

Academic Qualification:
  • M. Sc., Calcutta University, Kolkata, 1990
  • M. Phil., Calcutta University, Kolkata, India; Environmental Science, 1991
  • Ph.D., Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India; Immunology/Chemistry, 1995
  • Research Associate, Rockefeller Foundation Program, MRDG, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. (1996 - 97).
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. (1997-99).
  • Post Doctoral Researcher, Institute for Environmental Sciences and Department of Physiology, University of Pennsylvania, USA. (1999-2001).
  • Research Associate, Institute for Environmental Medicine and Department of Physiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. (2001-03).
  • Senior Research Investigator, Department of Microbiology and Physiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. (2003 – Sept, 04).
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA. (Oct, 2004 – Sept, 2008).
  • Adjunct Faculty, Department of Neurology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA. (Oct, 2008 – till date).
  • Visiting Scientist, Children Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Philadelphia, USA. (Oct, 2008 – till date).
  • Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Kolkata, India. (Oct, 2008 – ).
Awards and Honors:
  • Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering Fellowship – Ministry of Human, Govt. of India, India, 1990.
  • Junior Research Fellowship, Indian Statistical Institute, India, 1991.
  • Lectureship - Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and University Grants Commission, Govt. of India, 1992.
  • Senior Research Fellowship (SRF), Indian Statistical Institute, India, 1993.
  • Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship Award: National Multiple Sclerosis Society, USA, 2001.
  • Science Horizon Research Internships-Mentor Award; Bryn Mawr College, USA, 2007.
  • Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award / Junior Faculty Career Enhancement Award, USA, 2007.
List of Publications:

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  1. Vijaykameswara Rao, N.;  Shivshankar, M.; Abhinoy, K.; Das Sarma, J.*; Shunmugam, R.* 2011 "Norbornene Derived Doxorubicin Copolymers as Drug Carriers with pH Responsive Hydrazone Linker" Biomacromolecules, http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/bm201478k.
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