Health is the greatest keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
- Gautam Buddha

IISER Kolkata, in consonance with the above adage, is committed towards the welfare of its employees and students. The Introduction of the Revised Contributory Medical Scheme (CMS) w.e.f. 19th June 2014 embodies its commitments. 

CMS Rules :  [Click Here]

IISER-K CMS covers all the permanent employees of this Institute and eligible members of their families.

To avail the medical benefit provided under the scheme, a monthly contribution needs to be made by the employee. The rates of contribution recovered from the employee’s salary depend on the grade pay drawn by the employees.

All employees should, while joining the Institute and at the beginning of each calendar year, declare on prescribed Declaration Form the information on one's dependents.

The employees have the option of availing treatment from any system of medicines: Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda.

Furthermore, the B.S.-M.S., PBIP and PhD students of this Institute are provided comprehensive medical coverage on payment of Rs. 1,200/- per annum along with tution fees.

Treatment of Employees:

1. Indoor Treatment/ Hospitalization

A. Treatment (indoor) in Empanelled Hospitals/ Nursing Homes: The treatment will be cashless. The hospital concerned will send the bills directly to the Institute for payment. In cases of emergency, patients may be admitted based on production of office ID cards of the beneficiary or telephone call from the Medical Officer (MO). In any case, the MO or Medical Unit should be informed in writing of the admission of the patient based on which official letters will be issued by the Institute.
B. Treatment in Non-empanelled Hospitals/ Nursing Homes: The MO or Medical Unit should be informed in writing of the admission of the patient within 24 hours with proper justification for treatment in Non-empanelled Hospitals/ Nursing Homes.
Beneficiaries should settle the bills for any consultation / treatment directly with such hospitals / nursing homes and seek reimbursement from the Institute in Medical Claim Form. The reimbursement in such cases will be restricted to the approved rates. (
C. Examinations for Diagnosis: Such tests can be carried out at the Empanelled Diagnostic Centres or any other non-empanelled centres. The Empanelled Centres are bound, as per the agreement under CMS, to charge at the approved rates only. Those who choose to avail of service at the Empanelled Diagnostic Centres should produce their ID card at the Centre concerned for identification and billing accordingly. In all cases the reimbursement will be restricted to the approved rates.

2. Out-door treatment

A. The patients may consult Family Physicians (including Gynecologists, Pediatricians) as given in their Declarations. Specialists may be consulted on referral by the Family Physician / Medical Officer and those from the panel of specialists prepared by the Institute. [Copy of the panel of Specialists and General Physicians drawn up by the Institute may be found at the Medical Unit of ISER-Kolkata]
Reimbursement of claims may be made in the Medical Claim Form based on the approved Consultation Fees .

Treatment of Students:

1. Out-door treatment

During their stay in the campus, students will get the facilities of Outdoor Patient Department and Dispensary at the facility run by the Medical Unit of IISER Kolkata at Mohanpur. The Institute would not take any responsibility of reimbursement of medical bills for consultation and medical treatment outside the Campus.

2. Indoor Treatment/ Hospitalization

The Group Medical Insurance Scheme will cover the Indoor Treatment/Hospitalization of the students.

Revised Guidelines For Reimbursement of Medical Claims

As per recommendations of the Medical Committee the following guidelines are strictly to be adhered to while filing reimbursement claims under CMS:-

  1. Claims are to be filed strictly for self and dependants as per declaration form within three months from date of prescription.
  2. Each claim will be limited to one prescription including medicines and investigations advised/one episode of hospitalization.
  3. Quantity of medicines to be purchased exactly as per doctor’s prescription (not more than 30 days medicines can be purchased in a single bill).
  4. For chronic diseases requiring long term treatment only one month’s medicine will be reimbursed in each bill. Prescriptions have to be vetted/re-advised by treating doctor every three months.
  5. All bills in original and photocopies of investigation reports and prescriptions have to be submitted along with the claim.
  6. The following items/medicines are not entitled for re-imbursement as per govt rules:-
    • Tonics and vitamins (Expect Iron-folic acid during pregnancy)
    • Dietary supplements viz. Calcium, protein,etc
    • Skin lotions viz. Calamine, Aloe vera,etc
    • Soaps and shampoos
    • Dental cream and mouthwash
    • Cosmetics viz. Sunscreen
  7. For Homeopathic and Ayurvedic bills reimbursement - Reimbursement to be restricted to a maximum of 04 consultations at an interval of 10 days between each consultation i.e.,upto forty days at OPD level.


A brand new Tata Winger (High Roof) Ambulance has been deployed at the Medical Unit at Mohanpur Campus. The Ambulance will be provided within the Campus to the students/employees as and when required for medical treatment. Carrying students and staff members to hospitals is permitted only on specific recommendation of the Medical Officer.


The Medical Unit of IISER Kolkata is currently functioning from room no A01 of Prefab - I, Main Campus

Authorized medical officer of IISER Kolkata

Dr. Somraj Gupta (Full Time Medical Officer) : 9330957007
Dr. Mayukh Pal (Duty Medical Officer) : 9433863905
Dr. Tushar Kanti Sammaddar (Part Time Medical Officer) : 9231855885

Nurse: Ms. Purabi Mondal 

Contact No. 9836249346    9836249346

Ambulance Driver: Mr. Nasir
Contact No. 9836267955    9836267955