Medical Committee


Formulate medical reimbursement policies and other general rules regarding medical affairs of students and faculty. The resident doctor of IISER-K will be always a member of this committee.

Committee Members:

  1. Dr. Supratim Datta (Convenor) (DBS) (med.convener AT
  2. Dean of Student Affairs (dosa AT
  3. Dr. Mousumi Das (DCS) (mousumi AT
  4. Dr. Venkatraman Mahalingam (DCS) (mvenkat AT
  5. Dr. Sujata Ray (DES) (sujataray AT
  6. Dr. Gopala Krishna Darbha (DES) (gkdarbha AT
  7. Medical Officer(s)
  8. Mr. Santanu Das Mahapatra (AR Administration) (santanu.dmp AT
  9. Mr. Sanad Kumar Shukla ) (AR Establishment) (sanad.shukla AT
  10. Mr. Biswajit Das (AR F&A) (biswajit AT
  11. Student Representative (BS-MS and PhD Programme)