Nirmalya Ghosh

Associate Professor
Dept: Physical Sciences
E-mail: nghosh [at]
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Research Interest:

Our research activity is mainly in the area of experimental optics and spectroscopy with special emphasis on biomedical optics and spectroscopy (biophotonics).


(i)  Investigate various optical spectroscopic approaches (Elastic scattering, Fluorescence, Raman) for probing biological systems and other complex systems. Evaluate the use of multimodal spectroscopy for early diagnosis of disease.

(ii) Develop novel optical modalities (based on the principle of coherence gating, time gating and polarization gating) for imaging through turbid medium. Explore the use of these approaches for biomedical imaging.

(iii) Basic theoretical and experimental studies on polarization (Mueller matrices, Stokes vectors, Jones matrices) and coherence characteristics of scattered light in random medium. Theoretical modeling (Monte Carlo simulations, radiative transport theory, diffusion approximation) of light propagation in random medium.

(iv) Basic studies on near field optics and spectroscopy. This include studies on the enhancement of local optical fields in presence of nano scale metal structure (surface plasmon resonance), surface enhanced spectroscopy, morphology dependent resonance (whispering gallery modes) effects associated with near field Mie scattering from dielectric particles etc. Utilize the information obtained from these basic studies for ultra-high sensitive bio-sensing and possible diagnostic applications.

Academic Background:
  1. Ph.D. (Physics), Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, India
  2. M. Tech. (Laser Technology), IIT Kanpur, India
  3. M.Sc. (Physics), University of Kalyani, India
  4. B.Sc. (Physics), University of Kalyani, India

  1. Scientist C, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), India (1998 - 2000).
  2. Scientist D, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), India (2000 - 2004).
  3. Scientist E, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), India (2004 - 2007).
  4. Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Department of Medical Biophysics, Toronto, Canada (2007- 2009).
  5. Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, (2009 -).

Selected Publications:
  1. Jalpa Soni, Harsh Purwar and Nirmalya Ghosh, "Quantitative polarimetry of plasmon resonant spheroidal metal nanoparticles: A Mueller matrix decomposition study", Optics Communications, 285, 1599 - 1607 (2011).
  2. Nirmalya Ghosh and I. Alex Vitkin, "Tissue polarimetry: concepts, challenges, applications and outlook", Invited review article, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 16, 110801 (2011).
  3. S. Ghosh, J. Soni, H. Purwar, J. Jagtap, A. Pradhan, N. Ghosh and P. K. Panigrahi, "Differing self-similarity in light scattering spectra: a potential tool for pre-cancer detection", Optics Express, 19 (20), 19717-19730 (2011).