Partha Mitra

Assistant Professor
Dept: Physical Sciences (DPS)
E-mail: pmitra [at]
Personal homepage: Click Here

Research Interest:

    The effects of the spin degree of freedom of the free carriers in a solid material often get masked by the large classical electromagnetic interaction on its charge and also due to ‘relaxation’ effect that makes spin current non conservative. With the recent advancement in nanotechnology and ultra fast measurement techniques, it is now possible to design novel experimental schemes to overcome these challenges. This has led to a very active multidisciplinary field of research that aims at understanding the fundamentals of the spin dependent transport phenomenon that can eventually find application in the form of ‘spintronic’ devices. Our group explores wide range of materials that may have potential for spintronic applications due to longer spin coherence lengths and spin-orbit interaction. Currently we are investigating new classes of radical based organic semiconductors and topological insulators for quantum effects in transport properties using our low temperature and high magnetic field facility. Subsequently we aim to use these materials to focus on several challenging projects like electrical detection of spin hall effect, detection of spin currents using superconductive and ferromagnetic interfaces and manipulation of nanomagnets using spin torque. We have developed state-of-the -art facilities for synthesis of the thin films and multilayer samples and fabrication of nano and micro devices.

Academic Background:
  1. BSc (Physics), Department of Physics (Jadavpur University), 1996
  2. MS (Physical Sciences), Department of Physics (Indian Institute of Science ), 1999
  3. PhD (Physics), Department of Physics (University of Florida), 2006

  1. Postdoctoral Scholar, The Pennsylvania State University (2006 - 2009)
  2. Assistant Professor, IISER Kolkata ( - )

Selected Publications:
  1. Ray, Subir K; Chandel, Shubham; Singh, Ankit K; Kumar, Abhishek; Mandal, Arpita; Misra, Subhradeep; Mitra, Partha; Ghosh, Nirmalya and Ghosh, Nirmalya. 2017. "Polarization-Tailored Fano Interference in Plasmonic Crystals: A Mueller Matrix Model of Anisotropic Fano Resonance." ACS Nano, 11, 1641–1648
  2. Dey, Suman Kr; Mitra, Partha and Mukherjee, Arindam. 2014. "Influence of Solvent in Solvothermal Syntheses: Change of Nuclearity in Mixed Valence CoII/III Complexes of a O-Donor-rich Schiff Base Ligand." Crystal growth and Design, 15, 706
  3. Dey, Suman Kumar; Honecker, Andreas; Mitra, Partha; Mandal, Swadhin K and Mukherjee, Arindam. 2012. "Magnetostructural Studies on Tetranuclear Manganese [MnIII2MnII2] Complexes of 9-Hydroxyphenalenone with Weak π···π Interactions." European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 5814