Research and Development

Dean, Research and Development

Dr. Supriyo Mitra
Assosiate Professor
E-mail: dord [at]

Focusing on the vision of IISER Kolkata, cutting-edge research on basic and applied sciences and creating state-of-the-art research infrastructure are our top-notch priorities. Research at IISER Kolkata focuses on five major disciplines: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Physical sciences, and also in the interdisciplinary areas connecting two or more of these disciplines.

Office of Research and Development is further responsible for:

  • To come up with research vision of the Institute
  • To provide administrative support to sponsored research
  • To play an active role in creating state-of-the-art research facilities of the Institute
  • To coordinate distribution of Institute funds for research to faculty
  • Major equipment: Institute-level common facilities
  • Major equipment: Department-level facilities
  • Minor equipment: Individual need-based
  • Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) for equipments
  • To coordinate consultancy
  • To provide administrative support in filing patents
  • To attract research fellowships
  • To closely interact with other Institutes and Industries – national and international (signing MoU etc.)
  • To play an active role in establishing Research Centers, when situation demands
  • To coordinate sponsored research:
    • Keeping record of all transactions related to externally funded projects
    • Maintenance of stock register pertaining to project related expenditures
    • Appointments and salary structure of project personnel
    • Medical facilities for project employees
    • Disbursement of contingency, travel, and other expenses of sponsored projects
    • Preparation of Statement of Expenditure (SE) and Utilization Certificate (UC) to be sent to the funding agencies
  • Selection of research personnel – in sponsored project; in Institute-funded research programs, if necessary
  • Distribution of start-up research grants to a newly joined faculty
  • Providing matching grants for major projects, submitted to external agencies for funding
  • Generation of funds for maintenance of major equipments [from academia (internal and external) and industry]
  • Centralized procurement of items such as high pure gases and cryogen
  • Distribution of project overhead