Position fluctuations of 1.1 um trapped bead.

Light-Matter Lab | IISER Kolkata

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Our motto: Light Matters!

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Our group is primarily focused on light-matter interactions in the mesoscopic domain - where light interacts with micro or nano particles. More specifically, we employ the so-called 'optical tweezers' - where light is focused to sub-micron spot sizes to confine and manipulate single mesoscopic particles - to study light-matter interactions in the regime of classical physics. Even in the quantum side, we have facilities to probe the fascinating world of quantum optics through tunable diode laser spectrosopy on dilute atomic vapors, where we can perform electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) experiments using alkali atoms.


Latest Updates

July 2017: Highlight in Times of India, Ahmedabad Mirror, newsX, Business Standard, and india news.

June 2017: New paper 'In situ self-assembly and photopolymerization for hetero-phase synthesis and patterning of conducting materials using soft oxometalates in thermo-optical tweezers' has been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

May 2017: Light Matter Lab congrats Tushar Saha for winning 2nd prize in best MS Thesis award 2017 in IISER Kolkata

Jan 2017: New paper 'Fast Bayesian inference of optical trap stiffness and particle diffusion' has been published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Dec 2016: Souvik Sil received one of the best poster award in 25th National Laser Symposium for the poster titled "Quantification of Photophoretic Forces from Measurments of the Brownian Dynamics of Optically Trapped Absorbing Particles".

Sept 2016: New paper 'Simultaneous measurement of mass and rotation of trapped absorbing particles in air' has been published in Optics Letters.

July 2016: Former lab member Dr. Basudev Roy has been offered faculty position at IIT- Madras.

June 2016: Highlight in Nature India.

May 2016: New paper 'Using Brownian motion to measure shape asymmetry in mesoscopic matter using optical tweezers' has been published in Soft Matter.

Nov 2015: New paper 'Exploring the phase explosion of water using SOM-mediated micro-bubbles' has been published in New Journal of Chemistry.

July 2015: Former lab member Dr. Basudev Roy has received prestigious Humboldt fellowship to continue his postdoctoral studies.

Mar 2015: New paper 'Generation of micro-swimmers from passive Brownian particles in a spherically aberrated optical trap' has been published in Optics Express. Yoy may like to watch the Youtube video.

Jan 2015: New paper 'Site specific supramolecular heterogeneous catalysis by optically patterned soft oxometalate porous organic framework (SOM POF) hybrid on a chip' has been published in JMC-A as cover article.