My Research

General relativity is an amazingly successful theory of gravitation. However, it predicts the existence of singularities in regions of extreme densities where it becomes unreliable. It is believed that a suitable reconciliation of general relativity with quantum theory, another tenet of modern physics, is needed to address this issue. The quest for a `quantum theory of gravity' which is expected to supersede general relativity in describing physics near extreme gravitational situations has led to several approaches.
My Research Interests:
One of my main research interests concerns primarily in the field of the so-called loop quantum cosmology (LQC) which is a mini-superspace approach using techniques of loop quantum gravity (LQG), a candidate quantum gravity theory.

The quantization method that is used in LQG, is often referred as polymer or loop quantization. One of my recent interests is to study the physical implications of polymer quantization of matter fields.

Apart from the quantum aspects, I am interested in studying the different classical aspects of modern cosmology.
My Publications:
Here is the list of my publications (from INSPIRE HEP).

"For any speculation which does not at first glance look crazy, there is no hope!"
-- Freeman Dyson.