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Assistant Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata
Mohanpur-741246, Nadia District, West Bengal

Ph.D. Positions in Seismology / Geophysics / Seismic-Ambient Noise Tomography
Aspiring candidates email me a copy of their CV. For more details click the link below

Research Interest

Shallow crustal structure and High resolution tomographic image using Ambient Noise, Crust and upper Mantle anisotropy, Mantle Transition Zone (MTZ), Lithosphere Asthenosphere Boundary (LAB), Fractals.

  • ES4103: Geophysics Laboratory, Autumn 2014, BS-MS 4th Year
  • ES2201: Geophysics, Spring 2015, 2016, BS-MS 2nd Year
  • ID4203, ID4109: Inverse Theory, Spring 2015, 2016, Autumn 2016, BS-MS 4th Year
  • ES3205: Fieldwork (Structural Geology), Spring 2015, BS-MS 3rd Year
  • CS1101: Introduction to Computer Programming I, Autumn 2016, BS-MS 1st Year
  • CS1201: Introduction to Computer Programming II, Spring 2016, BS-MS 1st Year
Recent Publications
  • K. Chaudhuri, Kajaljyoti Borah, S. Gupta, Seismic evidence of crustal low velocity beneath Eastern Ghat Mobile Belt, India, Phys. Earth. Planet. Int., 261, 207-216, 2016. (pdf)
  • Kajaljyoti Borah, D. Bora, A. Goyal, Crustal structure beneath northeast India inferred from Receiver Function modeling, Phys. Earth. Planet. Int., 258, 15-27, 2016. (pdf)
  • S. Gupta, Kajaljyoti Borah, G. Saha, Continental like crust beneath the Andaman Island through joint inversion of receiver function and surface wave from ambient seismic noise, Tectonophys., 687, 129-138, 2016. (pdf)
  • D. Bora, Kajaljyoti Borah, A. Goyal, Crustal shear-wave velocity structure beneath Sumatra from receiver function modeling, J. Asian Earth. Sc., 121, 127-138, 2016. (pdf)
Selected Publications
  • Kajaljyoti Borah, S.S. Rai, Sandeep Gupta, K.S. Prakasam, Sudesh Kumar, K. Sivaram, Preserved and modified mid-Archean crustal blocks in Dharwar Craton: Seismological evidence, Precam. Res., 246, 16-34, DOI:10.1016/j/precamres.2014.02.003, 2014. (pdf)
  • Kajaljyoti Borah, S.S. Rai, K.S. Prakasam, Sandeep Gupta, Keith Priestley, V.K. Gaur, Seismic Imaging of Crust beneath the Dharwar Craton, India from Ambient Noise and Teleseismic Receiver Function modeling, Geophys. J. Int., 197, 748-767, DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggu075, 2014. (pdf)
  • Kajaljyoti Borah, S.S. Rai, K. Priestley, V.K. Gaur, Complex shallow mantle beneath the Dharwar craton inferred from Rayleigh wave inversion, Geophys. J. Int., 198, 1055-1070, DOI:10.1093/gji/ggu185, 2014. (pdf)
Latest News
Students Achievements

1. Kuntal Chaudhuri has received PhD offer from University of California Riverside, USA

2. Ayush Goyal has received PhD offer from National Taiwan University, Taipei