Debansu Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor
Dept: DCS
E-mail: dchaudhuri [at]

All Publications:
  1. Datta,Saptarshi and Samanta,Samaresh and Chaudhuri,Debangshu 2018 ."Near Instantaneous Gelation of Crude Oil using Naphthalene Diimide based Powder Gelator". Journal of Materials Chemistry A,6, 2922-2926

  2. Samanta,Samaresh and Chaudhuri,Debangshu 2017 ."Suppressing Excimers in H-Aggregates of Perylene Bisimide Folda-Dimer: Role of Dimer Conformation and Competing Assembly Pathways". Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,8, 3427

  3. Sao,Soumik and Mukherjee,Ishita and De,Priyadarsi and Chaudhuri,Debangshu 2017 ."Encapsulation induced aggregation – A self-assembly strategy for weakly pi-stacking chromophores". Chemical Communications,53, 3994

  4. Sao,Soumik and Samanta,Bibek R and Chaudhuri,Debangshu 2016 ."An unusual one-donor-two-acceptors interaction in a pair of covalently bridged naphthalenediimide dimers". RSC Advances,6, 34350

  5. Dutta,Pradip K and Panda,Snigdha and Chaudhuri,Debangshu and Zade,Sanjio S 2014 ."Reduced fluorenoazomethine based photoluminescence turn-on sensors for transition metal ions". RSC Advances,4, 33955

  6. Chaudhuri,Debangshu and et al., 2013 ."Metal free OLED triplet emitters by side-stepping Kasha's rule". Angew. Chem. Intl. Edn.,52, 13449

  7. Chaudhuri,Debangshu and al.,et 2012 ."Plasmonic surface enhancement of dual fluorescence and phosphorescence emission from organic semiconductors: effect of exchange gap and spin–orbit coupling". Chemical Communications,48, 6675-6677