1. Provide full "Submitting author's name". Submitting author will be designated as presenting author.
  2. Names of all other "Contributing authors" should be included in second box. Use "space" to separate multiple names.
  3. e.g. P Bhattacharya(1) S Sanyal(2)
  4. Include the affiliation of all authors in sequence. Separate using "space". In case of multiple authors and affiliations, put a number in bracket after each author and the same should reflect before the affiliation.
  5. e.g. Submitting Authors Name: Pratikirit Sharma(1)
            Affiliations: 1 IISER Kolkata
  6. Provide the email address of the submitting/presenting author. This email address will be used to notify of the acceptance of abstract and type of presentation.
  7. Type in the title of the abstract.
  8. Type in only the body/text of the abstract (do not include title or author names). Limit is 250 words.
  9. Chose your preference for presentation. The final decision will be taken by a committee and you will be notified after the abstract submission deadline.
  10. Submit the abstract by clicking on the submit button.

NOTE: Once the abstract is submitted, you will not be able to modify it further. In case you intend to make changes/withdraw, you will have to email us your request (apcwqis2018 [at] We will inform you about the process to make changes/resubmit/withdraw.