Centre for Climate and Environmental Studies


A new interdisciplinary centre, ‘Centre for Climate and Environmental Studies (CCES)’ has been established at IISER Kolkata since 2017. The center brings together faculty members from Departments of Biological Sciences (DBS), Chemical Sciences (DCS) and Earth Sciences (DES) in order to strengthen collaborative and interdisciplinary research in the areas of Geological and Environmental Sciences with a strong focus on societal relevance. The Centre aims to integrate and drive the research activities of research groups across disciplines to address the issues such as rapidly changing global climate and significant deterioration of environment in India as well as globally.

Primary Goals


Foster Cutting Edge Research in areas of
(i) Environmental issues with focus on arsenic, uranium and fluoride related problems in portable drinking water
(ii) Climate change and its effects on the environment
(iii) Geohazards


Provide Research Training to BS-MS, IPhD and PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers to understand and mitigate environmental and climate related issues


Lecture Series on related topics


Outreach Activities to bring awareness among school students about the threats from environmental pollutants, climate change and geohazards


Serve as a platform for joint international collaboration


The students enrolled at CCES for PhD will undertake courses offered by the Faculty members of DBS, DCS or DES based on the students’ curriculum requirements

Key Focused Areas

Based on the these key focused areas, colleagues who are part of CCES will generate extramural funding from different agencies
including Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India
to undertake cutting edge research activities.

Environmental issues

Climate change and its effects on the environment

Geohazards: Quantification and Remediation