Recent work

2nd National Workshop on Studies at Extreme Conditions of Pressure and Temperature (29th March - 30th March)

About NCHPS:
The National Centre for High Pressure Studies (NCHPS) at IISER Kolkata aims to foster interdisciplinary and collaborative research in the field of Natural Sciences, Materials Sciences and Geosciences. The emphasis will be on fundamental studies of structural changes and novel phase transitions of both naturally occurring and designed materials that occur under extreme conditions, using an integration of theory and experiment. The centre has facilities to achieve megabar pressures and very high temperatures using laser heated diamond anvil cell (LHDAC) and to study the changes in physical properties of materials in situ using Raman Spectroscopy and electrical transport studies.
We are also developing set-ups to carry out low temperature optical and transport studies along with synthesis of materials at high pressure and high temperature.
NCHPS gratefully acknowledges financial support from IISER Kolkata, Ministry of Earth Sciences and Department of Science and Technology.

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