• Dean of Academic Affairs (DoAA)

  • Dean of Student Affairs (DoSA)

  • Dean of Research and Development (DoRD)

DoAA Works only with IISER-K Network

  • BS-MS Forms
    • Specifications for MS Thesis [pdf]
  • Rules and Regulations
    • Academic Guidelines [pdf]
  • Forms
    • Student Caution Money Refund Form [pdf]
    • Student Room Change Form [pdf]
  • Convocational Manual
    • Convocational Manual [pdf]
  • Transcript
    • Alumni Fund - Undertaking [pdf]
    • Fees For Transcript [pdf]
    • Form For Transcript [pdf]

DoSA Works only with IISER-K Network

  • Antiragging
    • UGC regulations to curb the menace of ragging (2009) [pdf]
    • IISER Kolkata order against ragging [pdf]
    • Mandatory Undertaking by Students and Parents [pdf]
  • Forms
    • Identity Card Form for Students [pdf]
    • Railway Concession Form [pdf]
    • Bonafide Certificate/NOC/Verification Certificate for Passport [pdf]
    • Bonafide Certificate for Common Use [doc]
    • NOC for Visa [pdf]
    • Station Leave Form for Students [pdf]
    • Summer Student Declaration Form [pdf]
  • Guidelines/Rules
    • Functioning of SAC [pdf]
    • Bye Laws for Students 2018 [pdf]
    • Hostel Do's Dont's 2015 [pdf]

DoRD Works only with IISER-K Network