Mr. Deepak Kumar Jha


1. Pursuing Int. MS-PhD: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata.
2. BSc (Hons.) Geology: Department of Geology, University of Delhi.

Area of Interest:

Paleoclimatology, River Science, Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology

Research Interest:

1. Past climat-culture linkage in India.
2. River response to climatic fluctuation.
3. Stable isotope geochemistry.


Int. MS-PhD Student (JRF) at IISER Kolkata

Award and honors:

1. Best Poster Award at AMESS-2017
2. Best Poster Award Convergence 2016
3. IISER fellow from August 2013
4. Qualified IIT-JEE (EML), 2010.


1. Anusree A.S. Pillai, Ambili Anoop, Mahesh Sankaran, Prasanta Sanyal, Deepak K. Jha, Jayashree Ratnam, 2017: Mid-late Holocene vegetation response to climatic drivers and biotic disturbances in the Banni grasslands of western India. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (In Press).

2. Yadav Ankit, Praveen K. Mishra, Prem Kumar, Deepak K. Jha, Vivek V. Kumar, V. Ambili, Ambili Anoop, 2017: Molecular distribution and carbon isotope of n-alkanes from Ashtamudi Estuary, South India: Assessment of organic matter sources and paleoclimatic implications. Marine Chemistry (In Press).

Poster presented:

1. "Permiam-Triassic (P/T) mass extinction event" at Department of Geology, University of Delhi, 2013.
2. "Paleoclimate and Plaeovegetional shift in last ~100 Kyr: A multiproxy study from Quaternary Belan river, Allahabad, India" at Convergence 2015, Department of Earth Sciences, IISER Kolkata, 2015.
3. "Paleohydrological and vegetational history of Quaternary Belan Valley, Cenral India: Multi proxy evidences from Archaeological sites" at Convergence 2016, Department of Earth Sciences, IISER Kolkata, 2016.
4. "Isotopic response of angiosperm and gymnosperm species along a climate gradient: a case study from NW Himalaya" at AMESS 2017, Department of Earth Sciences, IISER Kolkata, 2017.

Field Work:

1. Field work at Dehradun Lesser Himalaya and Shiwaliks, Under The Guidance of Dr. Rohtash Kumar (Scientist 'G') & Dr. Sumit Kumar Ghosh (Scientist 'G') Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun• June 2014
2. Field Work at Galudih for structural Geology. With: Dr. Kathakali Bhattachayya and Dr. Ravikant vadlamani, IISER-Kolkata. December 2013
3. Field Work at Deccan Volcanic Provenance (DVP) around Pune and Mahabaleshwar, with: Prof. M. Jayananda and Prof. GVR Prasad, University of Delhi. December 2012
4. Field Work at Nainital, with: Dr. Ashima Saikia and Dr RP Singh, University of Delhi. December 2011
5. Field Work at Jaipur, with: Prof. C. S. Dubey and Dr. Pramod Kumar, University of Delhi. December 2010
6. Visited Wonder Cement Plant, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Learnt about cement manufacturing.
7. Visited JK Cement’s Mikaibari Limestone Mine, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan – Gathered basic knowledge about mining.

Projects worked on:

1. Summer Training project: OSL/TL dating techniques using SAR protocol under the Guidance of Dr. N. Suresh, Scientist 'E’ Wadia institute of Himalayan Geology • 26th May 2014 - 15th July 2014
2. Project: Yamuna flood plain as a source of drinking water, Under The Guidance of Prof. Vikram Soni, UGC Professor, Centre for Theoretical Physics Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi • June 2012 - February 2013
3. Internship with INDIAN GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES – Soil core drilling, rock core drilling, geotechnical investigation of Ghansali, Uttrakhand (2012).
4. Internship with J.M. EnviroNet Pvt. Ltd – Air sampling, Stack monitoring, Water sampling, Noise sampling, using fine particle sampler, and respirable dust sampler (2011).