IISER-K Summer Research Programme 2023

Interested faculty members

Sl No. Faculty Name Email Id Department
 1.  Dwaipayan Roy   dwaipayan.roy@iiserkol.ac.in     Computational and Data Sciences  
 2.  Kripabandhu Ghosh   kripaghosh@iiserkol.ac.in     Computational and Data Sciences  
 3.  Amit Kumar Mandal   amitkm@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 4.  Anindita Bhadra   abhadra@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 5.  Anuradha Bhat   anuradhabhat@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 6.  Malancha Ta   malancha.ta@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 7.  Neelanjana Sengupta   n.sengupta@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 8.  Punyasloke Bhadury   pbhadury@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 9.  Rupak Datta   rupakdatta@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 10.  Sankar Maiti   spm@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 11.  Sumit Sen Santara   sumit.santara@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 12.  Supratim Datta   supratim@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 13.  Tapas Kumar Sengupta   senguptk@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Biological Sciences  
 14.  Alakesh Bisai   alakesh@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 15.  Amlan Kusum Roy   akroy@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 16.  Arindam Mukherjee   a.mukherjee@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 17.  Ashwani Kumar Tiwari   ashwani@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 18.  Balaram Mukhopadhyay   mbalaram@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 19.  Biplab Maji   bm@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 20.  Chilla Malla Reddy   cmreddy@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 21.  Debansu Chaudhuri   dchaudhuri@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 22.  Debasish Haldar   deba_h76@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 23.  Dibyendu Das   dasd@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 24.  Pradip Kumar Tarafdar   tarafdar@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 25.  Pradipta Purkayastha   ppurkayastha@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 26.  Priyadarsi De   p_de@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 27.  Rahul Banerjee   r.banerjee@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 28.  Raja Shunmugam   sraja@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 29.  Ratheesh K Vijayaraghavan   ratheesh@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 30.  Sangita Sen   sangita.sen@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 31.  Sanjio S. Zade   sanjiozade@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 32.  Sayam Sen Gupta   sayam.sengupta@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 33.  Sayan Bhattacharyya   sayanb@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 34.  Suman De Sarkar   sds@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 35.  Supratim Banerjee   supratim.banerjee@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 36.  Sureshkumar Devarajulu   suresh@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 37.  Susmita Roy   susmita.roy@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Chemical Sciences  
 38.  Kathakali Bhattacharyya   kathakali@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Earth Sciences  
 39.  Prasanta Sanyal   psanyal@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Earth Sciences  
 40.  Subhronil Mondal   subhronil.m@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Earth Sciences  
 41.  Sukanta Dey   sukanta.dey@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Earth Sciences  
 42.  Tapabrato Sarkar   tapabrato@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Earth Sciences  
 43.  Arjun Paul   arjun.paul@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Mathematics and Statistics  
 44.  Koel Das   koel.das@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Mathematics and Statistics  
 45.  Sushil Gorai   sushil.gorai@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Mathematics and Statistics  
 46.  Amit Ghosal   ghosal@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 47.  Arindam Kundagrami   arindam@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 48.  Bipul Pal   bipul@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 49.  Nirmalya Ghosh   nghosh@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 50.  Rangeet Bhattacharyya   rangeet@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 51.  Rumi De   rumi.de@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 52.  Satyabrata Raj   raj@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 53.  Soumitro Banerjee   soumitro@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 54.  Sourin Das   sourin@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences  
 55.  Sudip Kumar Garain   sgarain@iiserkol.ac.in     Department of Physical Sciences