Workshop on advanced bioanalytical methods and applications


Overview of Outreach activities in advanced microbiology education & Teaching

Date: 24th February to 01st March, 2018



Middle Sichey, Near District Court, Gangtok, Sikkim – 737101


Modern research including high-throughput procedures are dependent on both the advancements in technology and the computational schemes required to analyze large data sets, but the critical item still remains the ingenuity of the investigator. The critical barrier addressed in our proposal is how to amalgamate the correct technology with the specific research question at hand. Since many of the current questions in biology require high-end technology that is traditionally only available in the core facilities and not in individual laboratories, if the researcher fully understands the technology required to address their scientific question, and the protocols involved in the sample collection, documentation and preparation, then they will be able to customized general protocols into specific treatments and instruments that will provide the desired answers. Once sample preparation is optimized and the required technology is identified, collaborations are more readily established. In our proposal, we will organize a 6-day workshop wherein we will cover new advances in: 1) Modern techniques in Histology; in situ cell type and tissue identification, Primeflow RNA assays 2) Nucleic acid (RNA, DNA) sequencing, engineering and analysis, and 3) Microscopy including light, UV, scanning/transmission electron-microscopy includes immunoassayed (immunohistochemistry/immunofluorescence) samples, 4) Protein analysis including in silico motif identification, homology searches and protein identification by mass spectrometry and finally investigating the structure-function correlation of protein using hydrogen deuterium exchange based mass spectrometry. The workshop will be headed by an internationally recognized team of experts specifically trained in the techniques we are proposing to offer. The attendees will include up to 60-80 students early-career investigators from universities and research institutes in India and US. These students will complete a registration form describing their specific interest thereby enabling the courses to be tailored to their individual needs.
Our overall objective is to make students and early-career investigators conversant in cutting edge tools and techniques, their scientific questions and move the research field forward in new and exciting directions and dimensions. In addition, this training will help students think of alternative careers by providing the basis for them to become expert in modern tools and techniques that are at high demand in current research facilities.


  • Area: Molecular and cellular biology

  • Keywords: Anatomy, Histology, High-throughput sequencing, Microscopy, Mass spectrometry.


Host Institution


Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, India