Prof. Debasish Haldar.
Bio-Organic Supramolecular chemistry Group.
Department of Chemical Sciences, IISER KOLKATA.
Welcome to the Bio-Organic Supramolecular Chemistry Group.
Our research focuses on the synthesis of new amino acid analogues with tuneable functionality, structure and function of foldamers, development of smart peptide-based nanostructured materials, self-aggregating systems from pharmaceutical molecules as delivery vehicles and sustained release, artificial light harvesting system, development of sensors for small molecules, design and synthesis of oligomeric peptide and peptidomimetic compounds and study of their self-assembly behaviour.
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November, 2018.
Congratulations to Dr. Mintu Debnath for his apprenticeship in CUMI.
October, 2018.
June, 2018.
Easily synthesized compound found to be useful for removing fluoride and metal ions from drinking water
November 28, 2017 by Bob Yirka, Phys.org
A pair of researchers at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata has found that an easily synthesized compound can be used to remove fluoride and metal ions from drinking water. In their paper published in the journal ACS Omega, Tanmay Das and Debasish Haldar describe how the compound was synthesized and how well it performed under various testing regimens.
Latest Publications.
Tripeptide based super-organogelators: structure and function
D. Podder, S. Roy Chowdhury, S. K. Nandi and Debasish Haldar*
New Journal of Chemistry, Accepted Manuscript.
A preliminary comparative study of the Baylis-Hillman reaction in ionic liquid solution and gelled ionic liquid
E.M. Schon, C. Saldias, Debasish Haldar and David Diaz Diaz*
Macromolecular Symposia, Accepted Manuscript.
5-(1H-1,2,3-Triazol-5-yl)isophthalic Acid: A Versatile Ligand for the Synthesis of New Supramolecular Metallogels
M. Haring, S. K. Nandi, J. R. Lopez, D. Haldar, V. S. Martin, A. D. L.Gorrin, C. Saldias, and David Diaz Diaz
ACS Omega 2019, 4, 2111-2117.
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