Details of SS4101 (Autumn 2016)

Level: 4 Type: Project Credits: 9.0

Course CodeCourse NameInstructor(s)
SS4101 MS Project Dibyendu Nandi

This is a research and reading project that MS students of CESSI will perform under the guidance of a chosen supervisor from amongst CESSI affiliated faculty or their collaborators. It is expected that over the duration of the MS program this project will lead to a globally competitive research finding by the students and culminate in the publication of a MS Thesis.

Syllabus is to be determined by the research supervisor. However, the project work must be related to the research vision of CESSI.

Note that a comprehensive evaluation of the reading and research project will be performed at the end of every semester by the research supervisor and course coordinator Dr. Dibyendu Nandi, based on which grades will be assigned.


Course Credit Options

Sl. No.ProgrammeSemester NoCourse Choice
1 IP 1 Not Allowed
2 IP 3 Not Allowed
3 IP 5 Not Allowed
4 MR 1 Core
5 MR 3 Not Allowed
6 MS 7 Not Allowed
7 RS 1 Not Allowed
8 RS 2 Not Allowed