Details of ES4206 (Spring 2017)

Level: 4 Type: Laboratory Credits: 3.0

Course CodeCourse NameInstructor(s)
ES4206 Seismology Lab 2 Kajaljyoti Borah,
Supriyo Mitra

Introduction: This course introduces students to geophysical equipments, data acquisition and analysis.

Course Content: Introduction to field Geophysical Equipments (field installation and data acquisition). Seismogram analysis. Determination of hypocenter, epicentral distance and origin time from local, regional and teleseismic earthquake records. Numerical calculation of epicentral distance, azimuth and back azimuth for a spherical earth. Computation of focal mechanism of earthquakes. Measurement of Rayleigh wave group velocity dispersion
from regional records. Digital signal processing and study of source characteristics (M0, MW, ML and Stress drop). Computation of gravity anomalies for geometrical bodies. Inversion of geophysical data and determination of earth structure.


Text Books:
1. Instrumentation in Earthquake Seismology, by J. Havskov and G. Alguacil, Springer.
2. Seismology and Plate Tectonics, by David Gubbins, Cambridge University Press.
3. Inverse Problem Theory and Model Parameter Estimation. Albert Tarantola, SIAM

Course Credit Options

Sl. No.ProgrammeSemester NoCourse Choice
1 IP 2 Not Allowed
2 IP 4 Not Allowed
3 IP 6 Not Allowed
4 MR 2 Not Allowed
5 MR 4 Not Allowed
6 MS 8 Core
7 RS 1 Elective
8 RS 2 Elective