Details of LS5203 (Spring 2017)

Level: 5 Type: Theory Credits: 3.0

Course CodeCourse NameInstructor(s)
LS5203 Basic Mathematics and Computational Biology Neelanjana Sengupta

This course is meant for Biologists with little introduction to Mathematics. Each section will be taught and numerous examples directly relevant to biological data will be worked out.


  • Introduction:
    Scientific Notation, Powers, Units, Conversion between units, Amounts, Dilution, Concentrations

  • Understanding equations:
    Plotting simple equations, manipulating equations, extracting information

  • Logarithms, exponential equations, parameter extraction

  • How to write and make sense of differential equations in biology

  • Data organization, handling (in excel); calculating simple statistical parameters

  • Introduction to computational biology,
    Basics of sequence and structure analysis;
    Introduction to 'big data' analysis and genomics;
    Practical approaches to BLAST and other sequence analysis tools; MSA and phylogenetic tree construction; Introduction to assesment techniques with example of ROC and MA plots

School level Mathematics


Course Credit Options

Sl. No.ProgrammeSemester NoCourse Choice
1 IP 2 Elective
2 IP 4 Elective
3 IP 6 Not Allowed
4 MR 2 Not Allowed
5 MR 4 Not Allowed
6 MS 10 Not Allowed
7 RS 1 Core
8 RS 2 Core