Details of ID3112 (Autumn 2018)

Level: 3 Type: Theory Credits: 4.0

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ID3112 Basic Entrepreneurship Sayam Sen Gupta


Session Details
Find your flow
Case Study: Tristan Walker: The extroverted introvert

Identify your entrepreneurial style
What is a business opportunity and how to identify it
Find problems around you that are worth solving
Methods for finding and understanding problems -
(Observation, Questioning, DT, Jobs to be done (JTBD)
How to run problem interviews to understand the
customer's worldview

Introduction to Design Thinking - Process and

Generate ideas that are potential solutions to the
problem identified - DISRUPT

GOOTB: Run problem interviews with prospects

Class Presentation: Present the problem you "love"

Form teams
The difference between a consumer and a customer
(decision maker); Market Types, Segmentation and
Targeting, Defining the personas; Understanding Early
Adopters and Customer Adoption Patterns

Identify the innovators and early adopters for your

Come up with creative solutions for the identified

Deep dive into Gains, Pains and Jobs-To-Be-Done
(using Value Proposition Canvas, or VPC)

Identify the UVP of your solution using the Value
Proposition section of the VPC

Outcome-Driven Innovation

Class Presentation: Communicating the Value
Proposition- 1 min Customer Pitch

Basics of Lean Approach and Canvas; Types of
Business Models (b2b; b2c)

Sketch the canvas- "Document your Plan A"
Identify Problems Worth Solving
Identify Your Customer
Segments and
Early Adopters
Discover Yourself
Get Started with Lean Canvas
Craft Your Value Proposition

Intro to Risks; Identify and document your
assumptions (Hypotheses); Identify the riskiest parts of
your plan

Class Presentation: Present your Lean Canvas

Build solution (mockups) demo

How to run solution interviews

GOOTB: Run Solution interviews

Does your solution solve the problem for your
customers: The problem-solution test

Differences between a Startup venture and a small
business; Industry Analysis:

Understanding what is Competition and it's role,
Analyse competition

Case study: Blue Ocean Strategy

Identify an MVP and build it - I; Document and
validate your assumptions

Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop and the
MVP/Javelin Board

How to do MVP Interviews

GOOTB: Run MVP interviews

Is there a market for your product --The product-
market fit test

Class Presentation: Present your MVP
Revenue Streams
Basics of how companies make money
Understand income, costs, gross and net margins

Identify primary and secondary revenue streams

Value, price, and costs; Different pricing strategies

Understand product costs and operations costs;
Basics of unit costing
Financing Your New Venture

How to finance business ideas
Various sources of funds available to an entrepreneur
and pros and cons of each
investors expect from you

Practice Pitching to Investors and Corporates

Shared Leadership

Role of a good team in a venture's success; What to
look for in a team; How do you ensure there is a good
fit? Defining clear roles and responsibilities

How to pitch to candidates to join your startup
Get Started with Lean Canvas
Develop the Solution Demo
Sizing the Opportunity
Building an MVP
Pricing and Costs
Team Building

Explore collaboration tools and techniques -
Brainstorming, Mindmapping, Kanban Board, Slack

Understand the difference between product and
brand and the link between them

Define the positioning statement for your
product/service and how it should translate into what
your customers should see about that brand in the

Building Digital Presence and leveraging Social media

Creating your company profile page

Measuring the effectiveness of selected channels
Budgeting and planning

Understanding why customers buy and how buying
decisions are made; Listening skills

Sales planning, setting targets

Unique Sales Proposition (USP); Art of the sales pitch
(focus on customers needs, not on product features)

Follow-up and closing a sale; Asking for the sale

Importance of project management to launch and
track progress

Understanding time management, workflow, and
delegation of tasks

Basics of business regulations of starting and
operating a business; Importance of being compliant
and keeping proper documentation

How to find help to get started
Planning & Tracking
Business Regulation
Sales Planning
Channels & Strategy
Team Building
Capstone Project: Present Busines


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1 IP 1 Not Allowed
2 IP 3 Not Allowed
3 IP 5 Not Allowed
4 MR 1 Not Allowed
5 MR 3 Not Allowed
6 MS 5 Core
7 RS 1 Not Allowed
8 RS 2 Not Allowed