Welcome  to  SSPL

    The Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL) of Department of Physical Sciences (DPS), IISER Kolkata has a goal to carryout research on solid state materials science with state-of-art facilities. The broad areas of research are namely laboratory and synchrotron based high-resolution angle-resolved and angle-integrated photoemission spectroscopy of strongly correlated systems, synthesis of new materials and understanding its crystal structure, magnetic & electronic properties, synthesis of novel doped nano-materials and understanding its optical, magnetic, and electronic properties. SSPL is also involved in theoretical calculations / research for  understanding the above experimental results. Theoretical calculations like Full-potential LAPW and ab-initio pseudopotential band structure calculations are carried out with the high-performance cluster and workstation available in institute.

Research  Highlights

Electronic structure of the 3d1 perovskites SrVO3, CaVO3, and YTiO3   by  S. Kumari et al. J. Phys. Chem. Solids 124, 157 (2019)