The Dirac Supercomputer

In order to cater high performance scientific computing requirements of the researchers, the institute has set-up a top-end high-performance computing cluster, named as the Dirac Supercomputing Facility in the current financial year. The Dirac cluster has both GNU and Intel compilers. It comes with multiple job queue management system along with several terabytes of networked storage. The performance of the Dirac Supercomputing facility is 78.8 Teraflops which includes 60 Teraflops of CPU) and 4×4.7 Teraflops of GPU.

DIRAC is now highly populated ~ 100 % (1520 processors) with jobs : 17 Apr 2019.

Till now there was no restriction on number of jobs per user. From now, you can run low queue jobs more compared to high queue jobs. High queue jobs will be in qw state and only be executed one by one. So that all users will be able to run their jobs.

Inauguration of Dirac Supercomputer

The Inauguration of Dirac Supercomputer was held on 1st January 2019 by Prof. Sourav Pal, Director, IISER Kolkata

Inauguration of Dirac Supercomputer

Students, Faculty and Staff members of the institute participated in the inaugural ceremony of the Dirac Supercomputer.