Research and Projects

Main Topics

  • RAFT polymerization of amino acid and fatty acid based monomers
  • Polymeric-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials
  • Polymeric polyelectrolytes
  • Cross-linked polymeric hydrogels and organogels
  • Weak-link polymers: Polyperoxides and Polysulfides
  • RAFT dispersion polymerization
  • Synthesis of autofluorescent polymers
  • Protein-polymer bioconjugates
  • Toxic metal sensing and removal using polymeric materials

Design and Synthesis of Amino Acid Based Macromolecular Architectures
May 18, 2013

We use reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization of amino acid based vinyl monomers to prepare macromolecular materials with well-defined architecture, controlled molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution and precise end-functionalities. These chiral polymers show smart pH-responsiveness and cationic character in aqueous media. Also, these side-chain containing amino acid based polymers show low cytotoxicity, which facilitate consideration of these materials for several applications such as, drug/gene delivery, catalysis, chiral recognition, etc.

Weak-link polymers: Polyperoxides and Polysulfides
May 18, 2013

Polymerization of vinyl monomers in the presence of molecular oxygen produces polyperoxides, which are strictly alternating copolymers of vinyl monomers and oxygen. The main chain repeating weak-link peroxide group (-O-O-) containing polymers are biodegradable, finds usefulness as polymeric macro-initiators, curators in coating and molding applications, drug carrier, dismantlable adhesive, branched polymer precursor, etc.They have slow rate of polymerization and low polyperoxide yields due to their facile degradation and chain transfer reactions during their synthesis

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