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As researcher, my areas of interests are broadly divided in to, Gravitational Waves, Classical General Theory of Relativity, and Mathematical and Compuational Physics.


About Me

I am Rajesh Nayak, Stick around and see my non-academic activities. If are normal nurd see left and right side links. This is all about I, Me and Myself.


Gravitational Waves and Binary Blackholes

GW150914 is first direction detection of gravitational waves by LIGO detectors. It is begining of new era for gravitational wave astronomy.


LIGO-India gets funding!

It is a dream no longer, It is going to reality LGIO-India

LIGO Does it again

GW170104 is another binary black hole merger detected by LIGO. Here is announcement from our group as part of IndIGO-LSC collaboration

On the first detection of Gravitational Waves

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it!" - David Reitze

Here are details about the contribution from IISER Kolkata as part of IndiGO and LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

Union cabinet grants ‘inprinciple’ approval to the LIGO-India mega science proposal


The Center of Excellence in Space Sciences, India (CESSI ) is a multi-institutional Center of Excellence hosted by the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata and has been established through funding from the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Contact information:

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Rajesh Kumble Nayak
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IISER- Kolkata, Mohanpur,
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