Facility of cashless payments to shops inside campus is available. If you are confused, please go through options provided below.

Active UPI AppIOB AccountSBI AccountAny bank accountNO Smartphone


Open and go to pay using account and IFSC (given on shop). Enter amount and remarks and confirm.Feature to pay using SCAN QR code on UPI apps are coming soon!

2. USING IOB Mobile application:

a) Register for IOB mobile banking (if not done) through branch or internet banking(profile->Mobile banking) and download “IOB mobile” app and activate it. B) Go to banking>fund transfer>within bank>mobile to account>i)Quick fund transfer using adding account no only OR ii) register the shop account details as beneficiary first time and later pay using “beneficiary payment”option without entering account no every time.

3. Using STATE BANK Anywhere app (for internet banking customer only) :

Login to app >go to Banking>Quick transfer and Scan QR Code given on shop.

4. Using any other banking App or wallet:

Go to IMPS and do pay to shop using IMPS only by enetering account details displayed on shop. Go to transfer to bank incase of using wallet.


Use *99# from your any phone if you don’t have internet access pay to shop by account no and IFSC. Your telecom operator may charge you for this at 50paisa per transaction. Pay by swiping your card is also coming soon!

NOTE: There are NO transaction charges in all the steps mentioned above if amount is below 1000. These way does not involve any third party as in caase of swiping your card hence it will have very high rate of succesfull transactions almost about 99.99%.

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