A basic introduction on how to go about creating a basic webpage and uploading your personal webpage to the allocated space on institute server.

1.A html file should start and end like below (you can write hmtl in any text editor like notepad or gedit).
2.Define Head(put title which will be displayed in browser adress tab) and body(put all things which you want to show case on your page) of html. You can always check the output of html file by opeing it in your browser(right clcik on your file and open with your browser)
3.Content in body can be written as parragraph, heading(various size), text as below
4. Use of div of divide your html in many divison so that you can style them differently later
5. using various style like color, margin, background color, width and height etc
6. Creating a link to file, page or url
6. Showing a image
7. To upload your html to institute server

Type "scp Desktop/index.html username@webupload.iiserkol.ac.in:public_html/index.html" in ubuntu terminal. type yes if asked and enter your passowrd and it will show upload status.(Make sure you are on IISERK network; userproper address of your file on computer if it is in Download use Download/index.html. Also upload all other file/photo to server by refreing to thier file name for example ""scp Desktop/fb.jpg username@webupload.iiserkol.ac.in:public_html/fb.jpg").
Whenever you upload something with same file name, it will replace the existing file on server.

If you are not comfortable with this command uploading, you can download "FileZilla" software for ubuntu where you can edit /delete /create file on your server directly and it will upload automatically when you save those file. WinSCP is similar software for windows. In such software use "webupload.iiserkol.ac.in" as host, "your user id" in user id, "your password" in password and 22 in port. After login to those software , you will see public_html folder, you need to save/create/upload all your file inside this folder.

Your webpage url is "http://students.iiserkol.ac.in/~userid/"

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