Supriyo Mitra


Department of Earth Sciences &

Centre for Climate and Environmental Studies

Ph.D. University of Cambridge UK

Office: Room N-105, Research Complex, IISER Kolkata

Phone: +91-(0)33-66340000 Ext. 1236

E-mail: supriyomitra [at] iiserkol [dot] ac [dot] in

I am an observational and computational seismologist. My research involves deployment of broadband seismographs as permanent stations and temporary arrays to record ground motion data. The recorded data are analysed using seismological techniques to model (a) the velocity structure of the crust and upper mantle, (b) earthquake source mechanisms and (c) attenuation characteristics. Knowledge of these are used to test hypotheses of lithospheric evolution and to simulate ground motions from large earthquakes.

Recent Publications

1. Supriyo Mitra, Swati Sharma*, Keith Priestley, Sunil Kumar Wanchoo (2023)
3D crustal structure of the Jammu and Kashmir Himalaya: Signatures of mid-crustal ramp and Lesser Himalayan duplex. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 128, e2023JB027350.
2. Jashodhara Chaudhury*, Supriyo Mitra (2023)
Subcontinental lithospheric mantle discontinuities beneath the Eastern Himalayan Plate Boundary System, NE India Geophysical Journal International, 233(3), June 2023, pp 2155–2171,


Ph.D. Position (one): Seismology / Continental Tectonics

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