The research interests of 'The AB Research Group' are the following:

  • Development of novel methodologies for C-C and C-hetero bond-forming reactions
  • Synthesis of important naturally ocurring heterocyclic compounds
  • Total syntheses of architecturally complex natural products
  • Chemical Biology

The research focus of AB group include the total synthesis of architecturally interesting biologically active natural products that provide an ideal platform for the development of new strategies and highly selective organic transformations. Following are some Natural products of intrest to our group:
Extramural Funding Received
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Research Interests
"Nature-Inspired Asymmetric Total Syntheses of Bioactive Fungal Metabolites: Reverse-Prenylated Indole Alkaloids with Bicyclo[2,2,2]diazaoctane Ring System "

Sanction No.: CRG/2023/000782 dated: 14-03-2024
Sanctioned Amount: INR 67,32,000/-
Duration:  March 14, 2024 - March 13, 2027

"Total Syntheses of Antiviral Natural Products Isolated from Marine Sources: Dimeric Indolosesquiterpene Alkaloids Showcasing Rare N-N and C-N Atropoisomerism"

Sanction No.: MoE-STARS/STARS-2/2023-0753 dated: 26-09-2023
Sanctioned Amount: INR 40,00,000/-
Duration:  March 26, 2023 - March 25, 2026

"Development of Reagentless Oxidative [4+2]-Cycloaddition of Quinols: Total Syntheses of Naturally Occurring Bioactive Taiwaniadducts"

SERB Sanctioned Order: SCP/2022/000486 dated: 31/10/2022
Sanctioned Amount: INR 61,60,000/-
Duration: November 04, 2022 - November 03, 2025

"Total Syntheses of Meroterpenoids of Biological Relevance"

CSIR Sanctioned Order: (02)/0403/21/EMR-II dated: 19/04/2021
Sanctioned Amount: INR 15,00,000/-
Duration: April 01, 2021 - March 31, 2024

"Constructions of Contiguous All-Carbon Quaternary Centers: Total Synthesis of Polymeric cis-Pyrrolidino[2,3-b]indoline Alkaloids"

SERB Sanctioned Order: CRG/2019/000113 dated: 26/02/2020
Sanctioned Amount: INR 68,42,000/-
Duration: March 02, 2020 - March 01, 2023

"Total Syntheses of Architecturally Intriguing Indeno-Tetrahydropyridine Alkaloids"

SERB Sanctioned Order: STR/2020/000061 dated: 26/11/2020
Sanctioned Amount: INR 38,50,000/-
Duration: December 18, 2020 - December 17, 2023

"Total Synthesis of Marine Derived Sesqui-terpenoids and Related Analogues for the Discovery of New Anti-Cancer Drugs"

Sanction No.: MoES-2/DS/6/2007 PC-IV dated: 03/01/2018
Project No.: MoES/CHM/2017091 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: March 01, 2018- February 28, 2021

"Strategies for Unified Total Synthesis of Architecturally Complex Galanthamine and Plicane Alkaloids of Biological Relevance"

Sanction No.: 02(0295)/17/EMR-II dated: 05/05/2017
Project No.: CSIR/CHM/2017010 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: June 01, 2017- May 31, 2020

[GIAN Course No.: 162005B01] "Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis Towards Sustainable Future"

Sanction No.: IIT/GIAN/S-16/487 dated: 30.05.2016
Project No.: MHRD/CHM/2016030 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: August 22, 2016- September 04, 2016

"Strategies for the Total Synthesis of Indolosesquiterpene Alkaloids and Related Abitane Diterpenoids of Biological Relevance"

Sanction No.: EMR/2016/000214 dated: 01.07.2016
Project No.: DST/CHM/2016025 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: August 01, 2016- July 31, 2019

"Approach towards the Total Synthesis of Amarylidaceae Alkaloids"

Sanction No.: SB/FT/CS-54/2011 dated: 02.02.2013
Project No.: DST/CHM/2012039 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: March 01, 2013- February 29, 2016

"Strategies and Tactics towards the Total Synthesis of Ergot Alkaloids"

Sanction No.: SR/S1/OC-54/2011 dated: 30.04.2012
Project No.: DST/CHM/2012005 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: May 15, 2012- May 16, 2015

"Organocatalysis in the Context of the Total Synthesis of Pyrroloindoline and Related Natural Products"
Sanction No.: 02(0013)/11/EMR-II dated: 15/12/2011
Project No.: CSIR/CHM/2011014 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: January 01, 2012- June 30, 2015

"Strategies and Tactics towards the Total Synthesis of Icetaxane and [6,5,6]-abeo-Abietane Skeleton"

Sanction No.: 2011/20/37C/12/BRNS/1731 dated: 01.12.2011
Project No.: DAE/CHM/2011008 (DoRD, IISER Bhopal)
Duration: December 01, 2011- November 30, 2014

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