(A) Featured Research

1. Assessing the anti-viral efficacy of biocidal compound against emerging respiratory viruses

Schematic for assessment of antiviral activity of non-porous surfaces.

2. Studying the functional characterisation of bacterial secretion systems involved in host-pathogen interaction and microbial ecology.

FESEM image of outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) of C. jejuni (Singh etal.ACS ID, 2021)

Morphological changes of E. coli cells after co-incubation with T6SS positive C. jejuni under FESEM (Gupta et al., iScinece 2021)

Multimodal uptake of natural OMVs secreted by C. jejuni facilates bacterial pathogensis and modulate host immune resposnes (Singh et al., 2021, Khan et al., ACS Inf Dis 2023)

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