(A) Featured Research

1. Assessing the anti-viral efficacy of biocidal compound against emerging respiratory viruses

Schematic for assessment of antiviral activity of non-porous surfaces.

2. Studying the functional characterisation of bacterial secretion systems involved in host-pathogen interaction and microbial ecology.

FESEM image of outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) of C. jejuni (Singh etal.ACS ID, 2021)

Morphological changes of E. coli cells after co-incubation with T6SS positive C. jejuni under FESEM (Gupta et al., iScinece 2021)

Epi-fluorescence images of rE. coli cells expressing GFP. Inset shows magnified image of single cell showing GFP expression.(Gupta et al., iScience 2021).

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