Our Research

1. Strategy for developing cross protective vaccine against Type A Influenza viruses (IAVs)

Schematic of IAVs trasmission and LAB vector surface display of ectodomain of Influenza Matrix protein-2 (M2e)

Immunofluorescence microscopy of bioengineered rL. lactis. Viral plaque assay and detection of NP protein (testing of antivirals)

2. Studying the functional characterization of bacterial secretion systems involved in host-pathogen interaction and microbial ecology.

Schematic of host immunomodulation by Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) of C. jejuni

Population level bacterial interaction between C. jejuni & E. coli under environmental stress

3. Molecular mechanism of host adaptation by C. jejuni and its vaccine perspectives

FESEM images of cells infected with C. jejuni

Bioengineered LAB vector expressing rJlpA protein

TEM images of recombinant LAB vector expressing JlpA protein.

Binding of rJlpA protein with Hsp90α expressed by HeLa cells