Golam M Hossain

Associate Professor

Dept. of Physical Sciences

IISER Kolkata


This is Golam Mortuza Hossain. I am currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Sciences of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata ( IISER Kolkata ).

My Research

General relativity is an amazingly successful theory of gravitation. However, it predicts existence of singularities in regions of extreme densities where it becomes unreliable. It is believed that a suitable reconciliation of general relativity with quantum field theory, another tenet of modern physics, is needed to address this issue. However, even before the effects of `quantum theory of gravity' become dominant, there would be regime where one would need to understand well the implications of the quantum field theory in classical curved spacetime.

Research Interests

One of my current research interests is to explore the effects of the general relativity and the quantum field theory for compact astrophysical objects such as black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs near their mass limits. Here one would need to apply the tools of quantum field theory in the classical curved spacetime.

My other research interests concern in the field of the so-called loop quantum cosmology (LQC) which is a mini-superspace approach using techniques of loop quantum gravity (LQG), a candidate quantum gravity theory.

The quantization method that is used in LQG, is often referred as polymer or loop quantization. One of my interests is to study the physical implications of polymer quantization of matter fields.

Apart from the quantum aspects, I am interested in studying the different classical aspects of modern cosmology.

List of Publications
Here is the list of my publications (from Google Scholar)

Position held

Associate Professor
Jan 2017 - Current

Dept. of Physical Sciences, IISER Kolkata, India

Assistant Professor
2010 - 2017

Dept. of Physical Sciences, IISER Kolkata, India

Post Doctoral Fellow
2008 - 2010

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Post Doctoral Scholar
2006 - 2008

Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Junior Research Fellow
2000 - 2006

Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), India


Elected as Member of The Council (2016-2020) of the IAGRG
Post Doctoral Fellowship (2008-2010) from University of New Brunswick, Canada
Post Doctoral Scholarship (2006-2008) from Pennsylvania State University, USA
INSA Young Scientist Medal - 2006 from Indian National Science Academy
Junior Research Fellowship (2000-2006) from IMSc, Chennai


Bachelor of Science in Physics from Jadavpur University, Kolkata
1997 - 2000

Master of Science by Research in Physics from IMSc, Chennai (Anna University)
2000 - 2002

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from IMSc, Chennai (Madras University)
2002 - 2006

My Teaching

Spring 2024 : PH2201 (Basic Quantum Mechanics)

Autumn 2023 : PH1101 (Mechanics I)

Spring 2023 : PH2201 (Basic Quantum Mechanics)

Autumn 2022 : PH2103 (Physics Laboratory III)

Spring 2022 : PH2201 (Basic Quantum Mechanics)

Autumn 2021 : PH2103 (Physics Laboratory III)

Autumn 2020 : PH1101 (Mechanics I)

Spring 2020 : PH4205 (General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology)

Autumn 2019 : PH1101 (Mechanics I)

Spring 2019 : PH4205 (General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology)

Autumn 2018 : PH1101 (Physics I)

Spring 2018 : PH4205 (Basic Statistical Mechanics)

Autumn 2017 : PH4102 (Introductory Astrophysics)

Spring 2017 : PH4205 (Basic Statistical Mechanics)

Autumn 2016 : PH4102 (Introductory Astrophysics)

Spring 2016 : PH4205 (General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology)

Autumn 2015 : PH2103 (Physics Laboratory III)

Spring 2015 : PH4205 (General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology)

Autumn 2014 : PH3103 (Mathematical Methods of Physics)

Spring 2014 : PH1201 (Physics II)

Autumn 2013 : PH3103/PH4107 (Mathematical Methods of Physics)

Spring 2013 : PH2202 (Physics Lab II)

Autumn 2012 : PH311 (Classical Mechanics II)

Spring 2012 : PH121 (Physics II)

Autumn 2011 : PH311 (Classical Mechanics II)

Spring 2011 : ID444 (General Relativity and Cosmology); SM421: Seminar Course

Autumn 2010 : PH112 (Physics Pre-lab); SM411: Seminar Course

Personal Stuffs

I am married to Nadira and we have a little daughter named Reeha.

Other Interests

Apart from Physics, I have interests in free softwares, in particular those related to computing in Bengali (my native language).

In my free time, I have been experimenting and coding for a free (as in freedom) machine translator for Bengali, Anubadok.

Anubadok translation system relies on a Penn Treebank Tagger for parts of speech tagging. For this purpose, I had to enhance some functionality of Brill's rule-based parts-of-speech tagger. The modified tagger is available as GPoSTTL.

Contact Me

Mailing Address

Dr. Golam M Hossain
Department of Physical Sciences,
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata,
Mohanpur - 741 246,
Nadia, WB, India


ghossain AT iiserkol.ac.in


Room No. 112-N, AJC Bose Research Complex (1st floor)