Student Experiences

Mind also needs some attention

I was really depressed and defocused and my work efficiency became negative with time. My research output was almost nil for the last few months. I was also reluctant to visit any counseling facility. But, then one of my well-wishers advised me to visit MCWC facility. Now, after a few months, I am again feeling fresh and ready to fight. Like others, I also had some social stigma and taboo kind of thing about the mental illness. But the mind is not separable from the body. So, if a human body can become sick, the mind can also develop some sickness. There is nothing silly about it. From my own experience, I can say mental depression, anxiety, low-mood are very common and normal things for us in this professional area. When I started the sessions, I was skeptic about the outcome. But, with time and proper guidance, I am back and now, I can face my own problems. I am more confident with my situation and I am feeling that I am in control of myself again. So, I would suggest to everyone, who are reluctant to address this serious issue or hesitant because of non-secrecy, please do not worry. Just avail that facility. It will definitely give you positive outcomes.

- PhD Student

Personal Experience

n last few days I had been asked for keeping a thought record while I feel depressed. I used to feel depressed in evening. Surprisingly enough (to me) after keeping thought record the depressive feelings went away. Then we started with writing the thoughts coming while trying to concentrate on breathing for ten minutes every day. After that I started with bodyscan meditation and found it very helpful. I am continuing it even now everyday. So overall I had a great experience with mindfulness therapy. I wish I could continue that under your guidance. Thank you very much for your nice guidance. It was really helpful and was really great experience.

- PhD Student

I feel positive changes

I was initially having a lot of anxiety related to my studies and future. I was not able to focus on my work and studies because of that…. I was experiencing palpitations…my mood was low all the time, felt very irritable and could not focus on work. So when I heard of the counseling service I came to seek help. I can say within one month I can feel positive changes in myself. I am more in control over my anxiety and stressful situations.

Seeking help is also strength

I went into depression few years back. My studies and research gave be a lot of anxiety as because of my low mood I was not able to give my best at work. Initially I was hesitant to seek help and come for consultation, as I felt I had to stay strong on my own. But now I have realized that knowing when and where to seek help is also strength. Thanks to the process, I am able to accept myself more now. There is a significant improvement in my mood and I am in control of my life and thoughts. It helped me a lot. I would recommend others as well.

I can better understand myself and give my best to my wor

I always felt that I am not able to communicate with others…..and felt left out; also this led to problems with my family and friends. Counseling has helped me understand myself better, organize my life back and understand others.