Individual Counselling

The counseling space is a zone of non-judgment and confidentiality, where students can unburden themselves without criticism and pressure. Individual psychotherapy is available to all the students where the Clinical Psychologist and Counsellors take measures to help the student.

Intake appointments are scheduled with students at times and dates which are convenient to them, depending on their academic commitments.

The goal of the first session is to help the student identify the issues that are causing them the most concern and if a student wishes to continue in counseling.

Psychological Assessment

In specific cases where more precise diagnoses are required psychological assessments are conducted. These tests help as a guideline to understand the student’s problem in a deeper level to provide guidance.

Workshops and Events

The centre aims to organize workshop, orientation programs and seminars for students and mentors to deal with issues related to stigma for counseling, issues when students can seek counseling, how to deal with stress, anxiety, relationship issues and mental health in general.

The team organizes various events on occasions like Mental Health Day, International Happiness Day and World Suicide Prevention Day.

MCWC Protocol