Welcome to the bioNaP lab!

Research overview

The research of "bioNap lab" is primarily focused in the domain of nano optics –we carry out fundamental studies on various intriguing phenomena involving light-matter interactions at the nanometer length scale. We study hybridization of optical modes and strong coupling phenomena, Fano resonances, coherent perfect absorption of light, optical bound states in continuum, super scattering, electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption, spin orbit interaction (SOI) of light in spatially tailored plasmonic and dielectric metamaterials etc. We also use classical light to perform quantum weak measurement that enables faithful amplification of extremely tiny optical effects, offers dramatic control over resonance phenomena, which may eventually open up novel route towards development of spin-orbit photonic metadevices. We pursue development of novel experimental concepts and photonic techniques based on polarization, geometrical phase, angular momentum and structured light and explore their potential applications in diverse fields ranging from material sciences, space optics, quantum optics to biomedical optics.