Bibhasvata Dasgupta

PhD Student

bdasgupta03 (AT) | +91-9769990755



PhD | 2018 - present

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata.

Diploma in Fundamentals of GIS | 2016-2017

UC Davis (Coursera)

MSc Applied Geology | 2016-2018

IGNTU, Amarkantak

BSc Geology | 2013-2016

St. Xavier's College-Autonomous, Mumbai

Research Field

Impact Crater Morphology | River Geomorphology | Paleoclimatology

Research Interest

Paleoclimate reconstruction of the Gangetic basin

Shiva Crater dynamics and KT Boundary Mass Extinction

Hypsometric analysis of Central Indian drainage basins

Awards & Honors

Qualified CSIR-NET-JRF, Dec 2017 (rank-50)


YHAI Member and Mountaineer (HMI); Scaled Sandakfu (2011), Chandrakhani Pass (2013), Sar Pass (2014), Namdapha Peak (2017), Rhotang Pass (2018)

Field Work

•Geological mapping and sampling of Everest region: Sagarmatha National park and Kosi river basin; PhD Field Work 2018-2019
•Geological mapping and sampling of Central India: Amarkantak Plateau (Bilaspur), Narmada River Basin (Jabalpur); MSc Field Work 2017-2018
•Geological mapping and observation of Western Dharwar Dykes (Karnataka); CSIR National Geophysical Research Institute 2017
•Geological mapping, observation and sampling of Malvan (Maharashtra); BSc Field Work 2015
•Geological mapping and satellite image analysis of Koyna Dam (Maharashtra); CSIR National Institute of Oceanography 2015
•Geological mapping, observation and sampling of Deccan Flood Basalts at Lonavala, Khandala, Uttan , Elephanta Island and Uttan (Maharashtra); BSc Field Work 2013-14

Published Abstracts

• AGU Fall Meeting 2016 > Structural response of the earth’s crust to an extra-terrestrial source of stress by identifying its characteristic pattern; 1st Author
• IIOE 2015 > Architectural development of western continental margin of India during Maastrichtian-Danian age (with respect to hypervelocity bolide impact); Co-author
• CSIR – NIO 2015 > Poster published ‘Shiva: the missing link’; 1st author