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1th June 2019

Sayak Basu et al. 2019 PLoS ONE paper Highlights

  • δ13Cn-alkane values after 2500 cal yr BP, which suggests proliferation of C4 grasses in this region.
  • A significant increase in the δD values of paleoprecipitation (ca. 25 ‰) indicates a weakened ISM precipitation after ca. 2500 cal yr BP.
  • The regional aridification and frequent fire events may have helped the expansion of C4 plant dominated grassland ecosystem in Banni region.
  • Correlation between paleoclimatic records suggests that the southward migration of intertropical convergence zone and more frequent warm phases of El-Nino Southern Oscillation have triggered the weakening of monsoonal precipitation in the tropical region.
1th May 2019

Sayak Basu et al. 2019 Global and Planetary Change paper Highlights

  • Region-specific distribution of Δair-leaf values of C3 plants.
  • Mid-latitude regions are characterized by lower Δair-leaf values than equatorial site.
  • Spatially heterogeneous correlation between precipitation and Δair-leaf values.
  • Precipitation exerts higher control on Δair-leaf value in arid zone and less influence in humid sites.
  • C4 plants existed in Siwalik sections prior to earlier proposed timing.
1th Feb 2019

Anurag Kumar et al. 2019 Journal of Hydrology paper Highlights

  • Spatial distribution of δ18O values in river water across the Ganga river Basin.
  • Upper stretch of river Ganga shows dominance of snow/glacier melt.
  • Evaporation effect is higher in middle stretch of the river Ganga.
  • Lower stretch shows high contribution of water from the Himalayan tributaries.
  • Seasonal control in δ18O values of river water is more in middle than lower stretch.
1th Jan 2019

Vijayananda Sarangi et al. 2019 Sedimentology paper Highlights

  • Pedogenesis controls isotopic inheritance in calcretes.
  • Sub-aerial exposure controls the source and preservation of organic matter in a paleosol.
  • The higher molecular weight n-alkanes are unaffected by pedological processes during sub-aerial exposure.
  • Detailed geomorphological and sedimentary investigations is a requisite before using calcretes and organic matter for palaeoenvironmental investigations.
1th August 2018

Sambit Ghosh et al. 2018 Paleo3 paper Highlights

  • Spatial variation in abundance of C4 plants along the Himalayan foreland.
  • No clear trend in abundance of C4 from the western to eastern part.
  • Sedimentary architecture varies along the Himalayan foreland.
  • Significant role of substrate on the abundance of C4 plants in the Himalayan foreland.
26th June 2018

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1th Feb 2018

Sayak Basu et al. 2018 Paleo3 paper Highlights

  • The δ18Ocarbonate value based 75 ka rainfall record from western India.
  • Climatic fluctuations during the late Quaternary varied at basinal scale.
  • Comparison between Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal components of ISM during the late Quaternary.
  • Fluvial architecture in western India was shaped by ISM rainfall.
  • Vegetation composition (C3-C4) was determined by ISM rainfall amount.
15th Jan 2018

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