The journey of Stable Isotope Laboratory of IISER Kolkata (SILIKA) started with installation of GC-MS-MS and ASE 350 in 2012. Subsequently , MAT 253 was installed along with Gas Bench II, KIEL carbonate IV, GC-TC coupled with Isolink and Elemental Analyser 2000.
In 2019, a new Delta V Plus (IRMS) is installed to expedite the isotopic measurements. SILIKA offers analyses for stable isotopes (H, C, O and N) in a variety of natural samples. We are equipped to high-precision compound specific isotopic analyses (CSIA) of carbon and hydrogen isotopes from n-alkanes, alcohols and fatty acids. Most of the samples can be efficiently analysed in continuous flow mode in MAT 253 and Delta V Plus IRMS. Dual inlet mode is used for very high-precision isotopic measurements and for measuring isotopic ratios in sample processed off-line. For organic samples, before measuring the isotopic ratios, SILIKA has facility of characterising organic compounds by GC-MS-MS (equipped with NIST Library), GC-FID and Pyrolyser. We have recently established a facility to measure nitrogen and oxygen isotopes of dissolved nitrate in water samples. We are open to analyse academic as well as as industrial samples with the latest sample processing facilities.

Research Updates