Company Name : Agilent
Model No.: 7890A GC-MS/MS Triple quad
Date of Installation: 09/07/2012

Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometer / Gas chromatography-Flame Ion-Detector

A state-of-art laboratory is being set up for analyzing novel biomarkers at part-per-trillion level. We have installed a GC-MS-MS, Accelerated Solvent Extractor, Rotovap and multivap units. These instruments help in extraction and characterization of organic compounds used for both modern and past climate, ecology and biodiversity studies.

GC-MS-MS: Triple Quadruple GC MS MS System with Flame ionization Detector (FID) and Multifunctional Pyrolyzer. This Highly sensitive instrument can measure mass upto 1050amu.

Specifications :

GC-Mass spectrometer

. Unparalleled EI full scan detection at sub-picogramlevels.
. Scan rate=5000-10000u/sec in normal, fast and fastest scan mode.
. Mass Range=m/z 10-1000.
. MS/MS enhances selectivity and improves detection.

Pyrolyser with GC

Pyrolyser with Gas Chromatography is used for characterizing compounds with high boiling-point.

Collumn available with GC

1. DB-17MS(Length- 30m,ID-0.250 mm, Film-0.25 µm , Max temp-340C)

2. HP-5MS(Length- 30m,ID-0. 250mm, Film-0.25 µm , Max temp-350C


. The sample should be in a volatile solvent. Solvent name should be mentioned

. Run methodology to be provided along with the sample. In-case the users dont have any standardized method; we will run as per our suitable method.

. For qualitative and quantitative analysis the user will provide the standards.

. Samples should be particulate free.

. Source of the compound should be mentioned.

. SILIKA LAB retains the right to refuse samples without providing any reason.

. The SILIKA LAB will not store sample(s) for client after completion of the sample analysis.

. The user is instructed to acknowledge SILIKA LAB in any subsequent reports or publication generated from the results.