The theme of the lab is to understand how cells achieve a homeostatic mechanical state of their membrane during various processes/perturbations. We study how effective membrane tension (map: left) is interlinked with endocytosis, receptor clustering, cell-cell fusion, migration, and cellular mechanoprotection (cell rupturing, right).

What's New:

Sept 2023: Tithi off to Venice for an EMBO Workshop — When biology of endocytosis meets physics.

Updates LONG due:
Aug 2023: Madhura leaves to starts her postdoctoral life at UCL.

July 2023: Madhura turned into
Dr. Madhura Chakraborty. Kudos!!

July 2023:
Animesh, Deepak and Uday started their stint in the lab. We welcome the three musketeers ;)

May - June 2023: Tanmoy visits Institut Curie for collaborative work with the Lamaze lab. Thanks CEFIPRA.

May 2023 : Read preprint by Tithi, Arikta, Tanmoy et al : Formation of clathrin-pits and ATP-independent cholesterol-dependent tubules initiates mechano-regulation on de-adhesion

March 2023: Tanmoy trapped in the workshop section of Indian Biophysical Society meeting 2023 at NCBS. Tithi joined the conference. Fascinating world of Biophysics re-unveiled. We return with big plans.

Jan 2023: All lab members presented posters @ FIMB 2023

Dec 2022: Upasana and Subhendu present posters @ SCB 2022

Nov 2022 : Alekhya visited the Das Lab @ TIFR Hyderabad for a traction force microscopy training.

Oct 2022 : Tanmoy was @ Statistical Biological Physics Workshop in ICTS, Bangalore.

14 Oct 2022: Congratulations Madhura! Now online: Chakraborty M, Sivan A, Biswas A and Sinha B (2022) Early tension regulation coupled to surface myomerger is necessary for the primary fusion of C2C12 myoblasts. Front. Physiol. 13:976715. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2022.976715

Sept 2022 : Upasana, Tithi, BS @ Biomembranes in IISc. Heady mix of computation, invitro and invivo work.

15 Aug 2022: Bio Open cover highlighted by
Biomedical Picture of the day:

June 2022: Alekhya gets cell sheets from zebrafish and confirms they too have "non-sticky" followers!!

June 2022: Great participation at BAW 2022 by Jibitesh, Upasana, Tithi and Madhura. Upasana delivers a talk. Others: posters. Hold on! Madhura gets 2nd prize for poster presentation on the Bio Open work :)

June 2022: Muhamad Shameem starts working on cell-sheets with Alekhya. Welcome Shameem!

May 2022: Tanmoy works with SPIE student chapter for "SPARKLE -2022" to celebrate International Day of Light with ~ 80-90 school students. BS talks.

May 2022: Avec Sreekanth and Dhruba: Measuring entropy generated from membrane fluctuations!! Good job Tanmoy with great help from Tithi. Check the archived manuscipt

April 2022: We contribute a bit - an important bit - to the story of macromolecular crowding and volume regulation in cells from DKS lab of IACS. Jibitesh shows how tension is affected on blocking TNFR1 signaling. Check

April 2022: We have over ~ 16 students from the Physiology Department, West Bengal State University for a lab visit. The day is spent demonstrating TIRF and Optical Trap experiments and short talks by all research scholars.

March 2022: Gangeya BPS student Chapter steps in to celebrate BIOPHYSICS WEEK :)

March 2022: BioOpen publishes out first work on collective cell migration AND we get the cover :) Check out the paper here. CONGRATULATIONS Madhura, Baishali, Nanditha !!

Dec 2021: our First post-doc fellow Dr Subhendu Chatterjee: Welcome!

August 2021: Three new lab members! Alekhya, Jibitesh and Upasana. Also Nanditha and Aritra start their MS thesis work.

28 January 2021: CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Rinku Kumar for defending and earning his PhD. External: Prof. Shamik Sen, IIT, Bombay. All the best!

January 2021: New review with Arikta, Rinku now published at :
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, (), 1-15

Jan 2021: New lab member: Tanmoy - embarking on the path to PhD... welcome!

Dec 2020: Read our new preprint: Heterogenous adhesion of follower cells affects tension profile and velocity of leader cells in primary keratocyte collective cell migration.

June 2020: 12 June to be exact: CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Arikta Biswas - Thesis well defended. External: Prof. Thomas Pucadyil.

Feb 2020: Congratulations to Madhura for nice FlashTalk and Tithi (and Arikta) for Soft Matter Poster Prize @ International Symposium on Cell Surface Macromolecules, NCL & IISER Pune (17-21 Feb 2020)

Jan 2020: Madhavi joins lab for last additional stint for her Masters project.

Jan 2020: Happy New Year And Welcome to New Lab member: Ananya Biswas.

Dec 2019: Support promised by SERB.

Dec 2019: Madhura presents poster at FCS 2019

Aug 2019: Athil, Jeebak and Lakshmi join lab for Masters project.

26/7/19 : All the best Shruti! Also Baishali and Shibil. All 14MS from the lab have now stepped out into different exciting areas. We learnt with you. Do well.

23/7/19 : Now online : Cell spread area and traction forces determine myosin-II-based cortex thickness regulation ( )

19/7/19: All the best Arikta..Pre-submission day!!!

18/7/19: CONGRATULATIONS Rinku - Manuscript on cortex thickness regulation accepted @ BBA Molecular Cell Research. Congrats to Sajjita too :)

17-20 March: BIOSCOPY 2019: We: Very busy!

15 March : IBS 2019 starts. IISER Kolkata is the host. We are busy !

14 March 2019: Congratulations Arikta - Manuscript on cholesterol depletion accepted @ Biophysical Journal. Congrats to all - Purba, Sanchari, Titas :)

August 2018: Tithi joins lab.

March 2018: Moving to new lab.

Feb 2018: Work of Arikta, Purba, Sanchari, Titas on cell rupturing and the role of cholesterol in membrane tension now on Bioarchives:

Jan2018: Rinku successfully performs traction stress microscopy.

Jan. 2018: New member joins our lab. Welcome Raju Sarkar. Madhura joins the IISER PhD program :)

Oct. 2017: This is the preprint of the Cortex-thickness-work:

Oct. 2017: Lab Poster Study of Mechanics of Plasma Membrane and Actin Cytoskeleton - Arikta Biswas*, Rinku Kumar*, Kishan, Bidisha Sinha} gets 2nd prize in IISF 2017.

Oct. 2017: Check out the Fluctuation-paper:

Sept. 2017: Baishali’s successful in getting a colony of keratocytes from American Cichlids !

Sept. 2017: Arikta’s (and Amal’s) paper has been accepted for publication in Biophys J – Congrats!

June 2017: Vikash gets the Best Masters' thesis Award ! Congrats!