Current and past members:

Bidisha Sinha
Interested in Membrane Homeostasis. Google scholar


Tithi Mandal
PhD scholar: Aug 2018. Works on: Spatial regulation of endocytosis by membrane tension

Ananya Biswas
PhD scholar: Jan 2020. Works on: Role of ezrin in cellular mechano-protection.

Tanmoy Ghosh
PhD scholar: Jan 2021. Works on: Active regulation of membrane mechanics by cytoskeleton attachments and caveolae.

Alekhya Hati
IPhD scholar (2020): Joined lab: August 21.
Co-PI: Dr. Dipjyoti Das
Works on: Study of mechanical heterogeneities in collective cell migration

Jibitesh Das
PhD scholar: August 2021.
Works on: Role of membrane tension in TNFR1 clustering and signalling

Upasana Mukhopadhyay
IPhD scholar (2020): Joined lab: August 21.
Works on: Understanding mechanical determinants of cell-cell fusion and fusion in endomembranes

Purnashree Kar
PhD scholar (2024): Joined lab: January 24.
Works on: Understanding mechanics-based crosstalk between endocytic pathways

Subhendu Kumar Chatterjee
Postdoctoral Fellow: December 2021.
Co-mentor: Dr. Arnab Gupta
Works on: Role of tension in copper homeostasis

MASTER Students
Animesh Sanjay Sinha
MS student
Joined lab: June 2023
Works on: Using deep learning to predict cell fate and classify spatial molecular clustering and dynamics
ass19ms069 [at]

Deepak Verma
Works on: Role of cortical actin in Caveolin dynamics.
dv18ms113 [at]

Nimmana Uday Kiran
Works on: Role of actin in TNFR1 clustering and signalling
nuk19ms058 [at]


PhD Students
Graduated in 2023
Madhura Chakraborty [ Currently at :
Postdoctoral fellow, UCL Institute of Neurology, London ]
Graduated in 2020
Arikta Biswas [ Currently at :
Postdoctoral fellow, MBI, NUS ]
Graduated in 2021
Rinku Kumar [ Currently at:
Postdoctoral fellow, Leibniz Institute for New Materials ]

IISER Kolkata Master Students
Mohamad Shameem (Now at: Project Fellow, IIT Bombay, India)

Aritra Ghosh (Now at: Ph D Programme, Ohio State University)
Nanditha N (Now at: Ph D Programme, Ohio State University )

Amrutamaya Behera (Now at: Ph D Programme, IMSc, Chennai, India)

Athil Altaf (Now at: Ph D Programme, Bielefeld University)
Jeebak Deoghuria (Now at: Ph D Programme, Forschungszentrum Jülich & Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
Lakshmi. K (common Masters student with Ayan Banerjee's Lab) (Now at: Ph D Programme, University of Vienna, Austria)

Baishali Mukherjee (Now at: Ph D Programme, McGill University, Canada)
Shruti Kulkarni (Now at: Ph D Programme,University of Bremen, Germany)
Ahmmad Shibil (Now at: TeOra)

Tanurjyoti Bala
Vikas Prasad
Athul MS (Now at: University of Muenster, CiM-IMPRS Fellow, Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging)
Debanjana Maji (Now: Post doctoral Associate, Yale University; PhD: University of Rochester)

Madhura Dattagupta
Purba Kashyap (Now at: Ph D Programme, Freie University, Berlin)
Amal Alex (Now at: Ph D Programme, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund)
Swagata Dey (Now at: Ph D Programme, Weizmann Institute of Science)

Jasmine Russel (Now at: Ph D Programme, CSIR NIIST)
Kishan (Now as: Entrepreneur, Neurobit)
Sanchari Dutta (Now at: Ph D Programme, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)


Anilisa Biswas (Now at: Ph D Programme, Iowa State University)
Titas Sengupta (Now at: Ph D Programme, Graduate School in Biology and Biomedical Science at Yale University )
Sandip Maji

Summer & Longer Interns

Summer 2015
Aparajita Das (MSc., St. Xavier's College Kolkata, 2016)

Bidesh Chatterjee (DBT-RISE Summer Fellow; Now : Graduate student at OIST, Japan)

Summer 2016
Yojet Sharma

Summer 2019
K. Hradini (NISER, Bhubhaneshwar)