Understanding Membrane Homeostasis!!

The theme of the lab is to understand how cells achieve a homeostatic mechanical state of their membrane during various processes/perturbations. We study how effective membrane tension (map: left) is interlinked with endocytosis, receptor clustering, cell-cell fusion, migration, and cellular mechanoprotection (cell rupturing, right).

What's New:

May 2024: Congratulations Dr. Tithi Mandal !! Well defended.

May 2024 :Congratulations to Tanmoy, Tithi. Our work with Sreekanth and Dhruba on "Estimate of entropy production rate can spatiotemporally resolve the active nature of cell flickering"!! now accepted in PRR (Physical Review Research).

April 2024: Congratulations to Upasana, Tithi and Madhura for review accepted in ACS Omega. "The Plasma Membrane and Mechanoregulation in Cells". Read

Jan, Feb 2024: DBT-Abberior Advanced STED workshop @ IISER Kolkata. Research taks, hands-on sessions - very enriching.
Jan 2024: Welcome Purnashree! Our newest lab member - PhD scholar.

Dec 2023: SERB promises support!
Dec 2023: Read Tithi's paper

Nov 2023: Last day of Nov brings GOOD news finally. Tithi, Arikta, Tanmoy's paper accepted at CMLS. Balle balle !! Congratulations to all authors !!
Nov 2023: Congratulations to our current master's student Animesh Sanjay Sinha for bagging a supercool job at TCS!!

Nov 2023: Absolutely great discussions with our CEFIPRA collaborator, Prof. Christophe Lamaze during his stay in campus.

Oct 2023: Read the Piezo work with Dipyaman Ganguly Lab here.
Oct 2023: Congratulations to now Dr. Suvam Mukherjee for defending his thesis.
Oct 2023: Congratulations to Suvam and Jibitesh, Madhav and Team JDS. Check out our collaborative work here.

Sept 2023: Tithi off to Venice for an EMBO Workshop — When biology of endocytosis meets physics.

Updates LONG due:
Aug 2023: Madhura leaves to starts her postdoctoral life at UCL.

July 2023: Madhura turned into
Dr. Madhura Chakraborty. Kudos!!
July 2023:
Animesh, Deepak and Uday started their stint in the lab. We welcome the three musketeers ;)

May - June 2023: Tanmoy visits Institut Curie for collaborative work with the Lamaze lab. Thanks CEFIPRA.

May 2023 : Read preprint by Tithi, Arikta, Tanmoy et al : Formation of clathrin-pits and ATP-independent cholesterol-dependent tubules initiates mechano-regulation on de-adhesion

March 2023: Tanmoy trapped in the workshop section of Indian Biophysical Society meeting 2023 at NCBS. Tithi joined the conference. Fascinating world of Biophysics re-unveiled. We return with big plans.

Jan 2023: All lab members presented posters @ FIMB 2023

Dec 2022: Upasana and Subhendu present posters @ SCB 2022

Nov 2022 : Alekhya visited the Das Lab @ TIFR Hyderabad for a traction force microscopy training.

Oct 2022 : Tanmoy was @ Statistical Biological Physics Workshop in ICTS, Bangalore.

14 Oct 2022: Congratulations Madhura! Now online: Chakraborty M, Sivan A, Biswas A and Sinha B (2022) Early tension regulation coupled to surface myomerger is necessary for the primary fusion of C2C12 myoblasts. Front. Physiol. 13:976715. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2022.976715

Sept 2022 : Upasana, Tithi, BS @ Biomembranes in IISc. Heady mix of computation, invitro and invivo work.

15 Aug 2022: Bio Open cover highlighted by
Biomedical Picture of the day: http://bpod.mrc.ac.uk/

June 2022: Alekhya gets cell sheets from zebrafish and confirms they too have "non-sticky" followers!!

June 2022: Great participation at BAW 2022 by Jibitesh, Upasana, Tithi and Madhura. Upasana delivers a talk. Others: posters. Hold on! Madhura gets 2nd prize for poster presentation on the Bio Open work :)

June 2022: Muhamad Shameem starts working on cell-sheets with Alekhya. Welcome Shameem!

May 2022: Tanmoy works with SPIE student chapter for "SPARKLE -2022" to celebrate International Day of Light with ~ 80-90 school students. BS talks.

May 2022: Avec Sreekanth and Dhruba: Measuring entropy generated from membrane fluctuations!! Good job Tanmoy with great help from Tithi. Check the archived manuscipt

April 2022: We contribute a bit - an important bit - to the story of macromolecular crowding and volume regulation in cells from DKS lab of IACS. Jibitesh shows how tension is affected on blocking TNFR1 signaling. Check
April 2022: We have over ~ 16 students from the Physiology Department, West Bengal State University for a lab visit. The day is spent demonstrating TIRF and Optical Trap experiments and short talks by all research scholars.

March 2022: Gangeya BPS student Chapter steps in to celebrate BIOPHYSICS WEEK :)
March 2022: BioOpen publishes out first work on collective cell migration AND we get the cover :) Check out the paper here. CONGRATULATIONS Madhura, Baishali, Nanditha !!

Dec 2021: our First post-doc fellow Dr Subhendu Chatterjee: Welcome!

August 2021: Three new lab members! Alekhya, Jibitesh and Upasana. Also Nanditha and Aritra start their MS thesis work.

28 January 2021: CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Rinku Kumar for defending and earning his PhD. External: Prof. Shamik Sen, IIT, Bombay. All the best!

January 2021: New review with Arikta, Rinku now published at :
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, (), 1-15

Jan 2021: New lab member: Tanmoy - embarking on the path to PhD... welcome!

Dec 2020: Read our new preprint: Heterogenous adhesion of follower cells affects tension profile and velocity of leader cells in primary keratocyte collective cell migration.

June 2020: 12 June to be exact: CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Arikta Biswas - Thesis well defended. External: Prof. Thomas Pucadyil.

Feb 2020: Congratulations to Madhura for nice FlashTalk and Tithi (and Arikta) for Soft Matter Poster Prize @ International Symposium on Cell Surface Macromolecules, NCL & IISER Pune (17-21 Feb 2020)

Jan 2020: Madhavi joins lab for last additional stint for her Masters project.

Jan 2020: Happy New Year And Welcome to New Lab member: Ananya Biswas.

Dec 2019: Support promised by SERB.

Dec 2019: Madhura presents poster at FCS 2019

Aug 2019: Athil, Jeebak and Lakshmi join lab for Masters project.

26/7/19 : All the best Shruti! Also Baishali and Shibil. All 14MS from the lab have now stepped out into different exciting areas. We learnt with you. Do well.

23/7/19 : Now online : Cell spread area and traction forces determine myosin-II-based cortex thickness regulation (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bbamcr.2019.07.011 )

19/7/19: All the best Arikta..Pre-submission day!!!

18/7/19: CONGRATULATIONS Rinku - Manuscript on cortex thickness regulation accepted @ BBA Molecular Cell Research. Congrats to Sajjita too :)

17-20 March: BIOSCOPY 2019: We: Very busy!

15 March : IBS 2019 starts. IISER Kolkata is the host. We are busy !

14 March 2019: Congratulations Arikta - Manuscript on cholesterol depletion accepted @ Biophysical Journal. Congrats to all - Purba, Sanchari, Titas :)

August 2018: Tithi joins lab.

March 2018: Moving to new lab.

Feb 2018: Work of Arikta, Purba, Sanchari, Titas on cell rupturing and the role of cholesterol in membrane tension now on Bioarchives:

Jan2018: Rinku successfully performs traction stress microscopy.

Jan. 2018: New member joins our lab. Welcome Raju Sarkar. Madhura joins the IISER PhD program :)

Oct. 2017: This is the preprint of the Cortex-thickness-work:

Oct. 2017: Lab Poster Study of Mechanics of Plasma Membrane and Actin Cytoskeleton - Arikta Biswas*, Rinku Kumar*, Kishan, Bidisha Sinha} gets 2nd prize in IISF 2017.

Oct. 2017: Check out the Fluctuation-paper:

Sept. 2017: Baishali’s successful in getting a colony of keratocytes from American Cichlids !

Sept. 2017: Arikta’s (and Amal’s) paper has been accepted for publication in Biophys J – Congrats!

June 2017: Vikash gets the Best Masters' thesis Award ! Congrats!