Research interest: Single molecule/particle spectroscopy, Ultrafast fluorescence dynamics, Probe development.


Semiconductor Quantum Dots

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Fluorescent protein chromophore

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Carbon Dots

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Room temperature ionic liquids

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"What type of nanoscopic environment does a cationic fluorophore experience in room temperature ionic liquids?",

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Research Interest



Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Confocal/ TIRF/ Wide-Field Microscopy, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS, FCCS, FLCS), Single Molecule/Particle Tracking, Ultrafast Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Magnetic Tweezing, Solvation Dynamics, Translational Dynamics, Rotational Dynamics etc.



Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), Single Enzyme Kinetics, Single Protein Conformational Fluctuation, Translational/Rotational diffusion, Blinking, etc.



Quantum Dots/Rods, Fluoro-Sensors, Enzymes, Proteins, Ionic Liquids, Nano-materials.