5 Year BS-MS Dual Degree Programme

IISER Kolkata offers a Bachelor and Masters (BS-MS) dual degree programme in synchrony with other IISERs. The selection for the BS-MS programme is conducted through an common annual summer selection. IISER Kolkata offers a unique training programme to the selected candidates through a balanced schedule of class room lessons, project and research works. While the Institute aims to comprehensively train the students in each of the major subjects, much attention is also directed to the development of the inter-disciplinary skills. The broad outline of the training programme is as follows:

In the first year, all students are introduced to basic sciences, viz., Biological, Chemical, Mathematical, Physical  and Earth Sciences. In the second year, the students select three pre-major subjects from the above mentioned disciplines. In the third and fourth years, students choose a major subject from the above disciplines and need to take optional interdisciplinary courses. The fifth year almost completely devoted to full time research/technical project/specialized training in which the students need to prepare a dissertation. At the end of the fifth year, both Bachelor and Masters degrees are awarded to successful candidates.

Eligibility: 10+2

Duration: 5 Years (10 Semesters)

Offered Majors: Biological, Chemical, Geological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

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MS in Space Physics

The Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI) is a Center of Excellence (CoE) funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development under the Frontier Areas of Science and Technology Scheme (FAST) programme of the Government of India. These CoEs are expected to offer post-graduate and doctoral programmes that combine a unique blend of basic sciences and engineering sciences allowing integration of fundamental knowledge while developing proficiency in research. In keeping with this mandate and to support fundamental and applied national research in space sciences CESSI runs an MS program to attract qualified and motivated engineering (BE/BTech) students to scientific research. 

Selection Process:  

Based on the evaluation of applications following an admission call, some candidates are short-listed and called for interview. Recommendation letters may be sought for short-listed candidates. Final selection is based on the performance in the interview, academic background of the candidate and any other criterion determined by the selection committee. No candidate may be selected if suitable candidates of sufficient quality are not found.

Details :

i. Name of Program: MS in Space Physics 
ii. Duration: 2 years (4 semesters) 
iii. Eligibility: BE/BTech Graduates (satisfying declared eligibility criteria in the admission call) 
iv. Total Credit: 78 
v. Fellowship: As per Government norms 

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Integrated PhD Programme

Integrated Doctor of Philosophy (IP) programme at IISER Kolkata is a combination programme which starts with a comprehensive Masters programme (MS) followed by a research programme (PhD).  Individual Department selects deserving candidates from the pool of applicants based on their academic backgrounds and their performance in the selection test.

Eligibility:  B.Sc./B.E./B.Tech./M.B.B.S. or an equivalent degree

Offered Majors: Biological, Chemical, Geological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

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Doctor of Philosophy Programme

The goal of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program at IISER Kolkata is to introduce students to cutting-edge research and to stimulate their intellectual development. IISER Kolkata strives to provide world-class training to its PhD students so that they gain confidence to become an independent researcher. The Institute offers PhD Program in the following five broad disciplines – Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics and Physical Sciences. Research in the core areas as well as in the interdisciplinary areas is pursued with equal emphasis in an intellectually stimulating environment.

The PhD selection interviews are held twice a year for which we look forward to receiving applications from bright and motivated students. For details, please visit our PhD application portal: https://apply.iiserkol.ac.in/phd/

Eligibility: Masters degree 

Selection:  Twice a year

Research Areas: Biological, Chemical, Geological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

Admission: Online Application Portal

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Post Doctoral Research Programme

IISER Kolkata has provisions for post-doctoral research in Biological, Chemical, Mathematical, Physical and Earth Sciences. Individual Departments invites applications depending on the vacancies and scope of work. Such positions are also advertised through and funded by individual faculty members.

Eligibility: PhD

Selection:  Throughout the year

Broad Research Areas: Biological, Chemical, Geological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

Position Opening:  Application Portal