Health is the greatest keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
- Gautam Buddha

IISER Kolkata, in consonance with the above adage, is committed towards the welfare of its employees and students. The Introduction of the Revised Contributory Medical Scheme (CMS) w.e.f. 19th June 2014 embodies its commitments. 

CMS Rules :  [Click Here]

IISER-K CMS covers all the permanent employees of this Institute and eligible members of their families.

To avail the medical benefit provided under the scheme, a monthly contribution needs to be made by the employee. The rates of contribution recovered from the employee’s salary depend on the grade pay drawn by the employees.

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Medical Committee

Formulate medical reimbursement policies and other general rules regarding medical affairs of students and faculty. The resident doctor of IISER-K will be always a member of this committee.

Committee Members:

  1. Dr. Satyabrata Raj (Chairperson) (DPS) (raj AT

  2. Dr. Kathakali Bhattacharrya (DES) (kathakali AT

  3. Dr. Mayukh Pal, MO (Convener) (palmayukh8 AT

  4. Dr. Priya Dey, MO, (priya.dey AT

  5. Mr. Biswaji Das, AR (biswajit AT

  6. Mrs. Saberi Sen, OS (saberi.sen AT

  7. Mr. Jasimuddin Ahmed, IPhD (ja13ip002 AT

  8. Ms. Shreya Basak, BS-MS (sb15ms045 AT

  9. Mr. Atul Pandey, BS-MS (GS-SAC FHH) (ap14ms052 AT

  10. Mr. Subhadip Roy, PhD (GS-SAC FHH) (sr14ip015 AT


The Direct Number to Medical Unit is as follows:
1.  +91-33-6136 0050.
2.  +91-8961010543.

Medical Officer at Medical Unit of IISER Kolkata, Mohanpur Campus.

Dr. Mayukh Pal (Duty Medical Officer) : 9433863905

Dr. Priya Dey (Duty Medical Officer) : 8700070883

Dr. Tushar Kanti Sammaddar (Part Time Medical Officer) : 9231855885

Mr. Jainal Mondal (Ambulance Driver): 90384695

Mrs. Purabi mondal, Nurse is stationed at Medical Unit Lalbati, Mohanpur Campus, Mohanpur.

Ambulance is stationed at Prefab during working hours and at APC Ray Hostel in off working hours.

Emergency Contact Nos.

  1.  Dr. Mayukh Pal (Duty Medical Officer) : 9433863905
  2. Dr. Priya Dey (Duty Medical Officer) : 8700070883

  3. Dr. Tushar Kanti Sammaddar (Part Time Medical Officer) : 9231855885

  4. Mr. Deepak Kumar Panigrahi (Nursing Assistant): 9002232022

  5. Ms. Purabi Mondal (Nursing Assistant): 9836249346

  6. Mr. Nihar Ranjan Bhowmick (Nursing Assistant): 8777529035
  7. Mr. Subindu Mandal(Nursing Assistant): 8777840772

  8. Mr. Arvind Mishra (Physiotherapist) : 9918492864

  9. Mr. Debu Das (Attendant) : 9088206777

  10. Mr. Nasir Mondal (Ambulance Driver): 9836267955

  11. Mr. Debu Halder' (Ambulance Driver): 8145549528