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Awards and Recognition


 Souvik Roy  CESSI PhD student Souvik Roy was selected for the NASA Eddy Cross Disciplinary Symposium in Colorado, USA, which he attended in November, 2023.
 Sakshi Gupta  DPS PhD student Sakshi Gupta was offered a Scientist position at the Defence Research and Development Organization, Ministry of Defense. She joined in November 2023.
 Yoshita Baruah  DPS Integrated PhD student Yoshita Baruah was awarded a SCOSTEP Visiting Scholarship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and has completed her 3 month research visit (August-October 2023). Yoshita was also selected for the NASA Heliophysics Summer School at Boulder USA and attended the school in July 2023.
 Ms. Aparna Varma  Research Scholar from Dept. of Biological Sciences, has received the "Best Oral presentation Award-VIROCON 2023" for her work titled "Neutralisation of SARS-CoV-2 Spike-pseudotyped lentivirus by polyclonal antibody raised against RBD variants" in VIROCON-2023, held at ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu during 1st to 3rd December 2023.
 Ms Grishma Kasle  Ms Grishma Kasle,  CSIR Senior Research Fellow from Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma's laboratory at the Department of Biological Sciences, IISER Kolkata, has won the first prize for Oral presentation under the "Young Investigators forum talk"  at the 15th Annual meeting of Neuro Update Kolkata held during 25-26 November 2023.
 Mr. Prakash Biswas  Mr. Prakash Biswas from DBS HPI Lab has won the best poster award in the 11th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE LABORATORY ANIMAL SCIENTISTS’ ASSOCIATION (LASA) INDIA, LASACON 2023 held in IISc Bengaluru. Congratulations Prakash!
 Mr. Saptarshi Maji (18RS020)   Won the Camillo Golgi Best Poster Award at the Organelle Biology & Membrane Trafficking (OBMT) Conference held between October 9th-11th 2023 at National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), Manesar.  Congratulations to Saptarshi!
 Mr. Raju Sarkar (19RS113)   Won the best poster award at the Society of Physical Chemistry (SoPhyC) Conference 2023, held between October 29-31 at IIT Kanpur. Congratulations Raju!
 Hindol Chatterjee (DBS)
 Anushka Mandal (DBS)
 Sayan Bhattacharjee (DCS)
 Sangam Jha (DCS)
 Suman Noskar (DCS)
 Debdatta Banerjee (DES)
 Anwesha Panda (DPS)
 Ritwik Dhara (DPS)
 Students who have been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister Research Fellowship (Cycle 11).
 Mr. Rohan Sarkar  Mr. Rohan Sarkar, the senior most PhD student at The Dog Lab, DBS, has been awarded First Prize for poster presentation at the ISAZ 2023 conference held at the University of Edinburgh during 11-14 June 2023. Rohan also received a students' travel grant from ISAZ and a SERB travel grant to attend the conference.
 Mr. Ajay  Integrated PhD Student of Dept. of Earth Sciences, working under the supervision of Prof. Prasanta Sanyal, has received the "Young Polar Scientist Award" in the National Conference on Polar Sciences Organized by National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, Goa. He presented work with the following title: "The Imprint of Southern Ocean Stratification on the Isotopic Composition of Antarctic Precipitation". His work gleaned out the severity of the Antarctic glacier melt in the last few decades.
 Manish Kumar Pathak,  Anwesha Acharjee and Subhasis Halder  Our Students, Manish Kumar Pathak,  Anwesha Acharjee and Subhasis Halder, have received Student Research Grants for 2023, from the Animal Behaviour Society. Congratulations to all of them.
 Rakhal Chandran  5th year BS-MS Student of Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, being offered the prestigious Presidential Award for 2023-24 at Purdue University. 
 Mr. Sourabh Biswas  A Senior PhD Student at the Dog Lab, has received the Developing Nations Award of the Animal Behavior Society, USA. This grant will help him in his research. 
 Mr. Madhav Sharma  An Integrated Ph.D. student in the Department of Biological Sciences, from Prof Jayasri Das Sarma's Laboratory has received the "Early Career Investigator Travel Award" as well as the "Young Investigator Award for Most Outstanding Oral Presentation" for the work on "Ifit2 restricts murine beta coronavirus induced spinal cord pathology"  that he presented at the 27th International Scientific Conference of the Society on Neuro-Immune Pharmacology, which was held from March 15-18, 2023 for the first time in India (New Delhi) in association with the National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana.
 Mr. Subhadeep Gupta  PhD Student working under the supervision of Dr. Amirul I. Mallick has received SERB International Travel Support  (SERB ITS) award for presenting his work on "T6SS dependant microbial competition under environment stress " at the Microbiology Society Annual Conference to be held in April 2023,  Birmingham, United Kingdom.
 Dr. Bibhasvata Dasgupta  Dr. Bibhasvata Dasgupta who completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Prasanta Sanyal of Dept. of Earth Sciences, has received offers of four Post Doctoral positions which includes Columbia University, University of Texas, National University of Singapore and Utrecht University. He has decided to join Utrecht University. Congratulations to Dr. Bibhasvata Dasgupta for his achievements.
 Mr. Kalipada Koner and Dr Gouranga Upadhyaya  The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has recently announced the results of AWSAR Competition 2022 under the AWSAR Programme. Mr. Kalipada Koner and Dr Gouranga Upadhyaya of IISER Kolkata are among the Winners of Best Popular Science Stories under PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF) Categories respectively.
 Mr. Rupam Paul  Research Scholar of 18RS batch, Mr. Rupam Paul working under Dr. Arnab Gupta supervision, received the prestigious Carl Storm International Diversity Fellowship to attend and present his research work at “Cell Biology of Metals Gordon Research Conference 2023”  West Dover, VT, United States.
 Aikya Banerjee  Aikya Banerjee, a third year student in the BSMS course, has been selected as an International Winner in the Art & Science Competition organised by OWSD Mauritius in 2020-21.
 Sayantan Khan, Aikya Banerjee, Priyajit Jana, and Tisha Dash  A Team from IISER Kolkata participated and got the 2nd Position in the event Abhiprajna Mains 2022-23, organized by IISER Tirupati during 4 - 5 February 2023. The team comprises our 20MS batch students, Sayantan Khan, Aikya Banerjee, Priyajit Jana, and Tisha Dash.
 Samrat Roy Research Scholar of Dept. of Physical Sciences, received the Best Thesis Award of the Indian Laser Association in the recent National Laser Symposium held at IIT Kharagpur. Congratulations Samrat for this achievement and Prof. Bipul Pal for his able supervision.
 Sayantan Khan and Subhajit Chakraborty Our students Sayantan Khan and Subhajit Chakraborty, the team representing IISER Kolkata, bagged the 2nd Runners Up title among the top 4 teams qualified across the country, in the offline in-campus Finals of Chemenigma 2022, the Chemistry event of Pravega, the annual fest of IISc Bangalore. Congratulations Sayantan and Subhajit for your excellent achievement.
 Dr. Pramtika Bhowmik Dr. Prantika Bhowmik, who did her thesis research at CESSI, IISER Kolkata was conferred with the International Astronomical Union's PhD at Large Prize last week in Busan, South Korea, where she presented her award lecture. Prantika's thesis was on Data Constrained Models of the Solar Cycle and her thesis research led to the first magnetohydrodynamic dynamo model based prediction for sunspot cycle 25.
 Naksatra Kumar Bailung (17MS032), Vivek Kumar Singh (16MS204), Dhanashree Somani (17MS087), Sadhana Hansda (17MS035) Congratulations for securing placement at Deloitte USI through IISER Kolkata Placement Cell.
 Dr Santosh Kumar & Dr. Santu Bera

Dr Santosh Kumar has joined the Geological Survey of India and  Dr. Santu Bera has received Ramalingaswami Fellowship 2022. Both did their PhD under the supervision of Prof. Debasish Haldar, DCS. Congratulations to Santosh and Santu for their achievement and Prof. Haldar for his excellent guidance.

 Dr. Vijayananda Sarangi

Dr. Vijayananda Sarangi has got a post doctoral position in the group Biogeochemistry of Forest Soils in the Department of Soil and Environment in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Congratulations Vijayananda for this achievement and Prof. Prasanta Sanyal for his excellent guidance.

 Dr Biswajit Roy Dr Biswajit Roy, who did PhD with Prof. Prasanta Sanyal, has received the INSPIRE Faculty award. Congratulations Biswajit for this achievement and Prof. Sanyal for his able guidance.
 Sumanta Kar (17RS007) Selected for oral presentation at the prestigeous EMBO workshop and meeting on MEMBRANE TRANSPORTERS to be held in Greece in August.
 Athira BS Athira BS, a PhD student of the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India, who recently submitted her thesis, has received the best thesis award in the 30th National Laser Symposium (NLS-30) organized by DAE-BRNS at BARC, Mumbai last week. This thesis award is given by the Indian Laser Association (ILA).
 Chandan Goarin (17RS059) Selected for the DBT-Newton Bhabha short-term Ph.D. Placement Program 2022. He will be working at Kingston University, London with  Prof. Andrey Karlyshev
 Madhav Sharma Madhav Sharma, Integrated Ph.D student working under the supervision of Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma have received the "Professor SS Parmar Research Foundation (USA) Award" for best poster at the recently organized 39th Annual International E-conference of The Indian Academy of Neurosciences (IAN) themed "Neuro-Glia in Health and Disease".Congratulations to Madhav for this achievement and Prof. Das Sarma for her able guidance.
 Priti Roy A final year PhD student working under the supervision of Prof. Neelanjana Sengupta, has received a best poster award at the recently concluded Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (TCS 2021). Congratulations to Priti for this achievement and Prof. Sengupta for her able guidance. 
 Pallab Dutta, Parth Bibekar and Abhay Kshirsagar DBS PhD student, Pallab Dutta (who also got his Masters degree from IISER K) and his team members, Parth Bibekar and Abhay Kshirsagar (19MS) have won the National HPC Hackathon organized by Amazon Web Services. 
  Arnab Acharya Working under the supervision of Prof. Soumitro Banerjee, has been awarded the Best Poster Award in CNSD 2021 (Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics).
 Gaurav Pandey Won the Best Poster Award in the Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (TCS). Congratulations to Gaurav and his supervisor Prof. Ashwani Kumar Tiwari for his able guidance. 
 Shruti Sail (20MS batch) Shruti Sail, 20MS batch student has published a book of poems ' Rhyme of My Life', the book is available on Amazon. Congratulations to Ms. Shruti for her splendid work.
 Raunak Dey (15MS batch) Selected for Student author conference support for Photonics West and Optics + Photonics, sponsored by MKS Instruments.
 Avijit Kundu (15RS batch) Selected for the 2021 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship.
 Shraman Jana (20MS), Adrija Adhikary (19MS) and Tisha Dash (20MS) Our students Shraman Jana (20MS), Adrija Adhikary (19MS) and Tisha Dash (20MS)  have secured the first position in the Bioblitz finals today amongst all teams across the country. Bioblitz is an all india application biology quiz which was held by IISc over a period of three rounds. Congratulations to the team for this achievement.
 Vaishali Mulchandani, IPhD Vaishali Mulchandani, IPhD, working under the supervision of Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma has been selected for the Prime Minister Research Fellowship December 2020 Cycle. Congratulations Vaishali for her achievement.
 Danita Daniel Danita Daniel has been awarded ABS Developing Nations Grant. Congratulations Danita for this achievement. She is currently working under the supervision of Prof. Anuradha Bhat. 
 Rohan Sarkar Rohan Sarkar has been awarded the ABS Developing Nations Grant. Congratulations Rohan for this achievement. He is currently working under the supervision of Prof. Anindita Bhadra. 
 Ankit Basak Ankit Basak, working under the supervision of Prof. Prasun K. Mandal at the Dept. of Chemical Sciences has been offered admission to MIT, UC Berkeley, Penn State University in Chemistry as well as Cornell and Johns Hopkins University in Biophysics for his doctoral research. He will be attending the PhD program in Chemistry at MIT. Congratulations to Ankit for his achievement and Prof. Prasun K. Mandal for his able guidance.
 Rituparno Chowdhury Rituparno Chowdhury, working under the supervision of Prof. C. Malla Reddy of Dept. of Chemical Sciences has secured several prestigious fellowships like Marie Curie Fellowship at Cambridge, Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford and IMPRS scholarship at MPI for his Doctoral research. He will be attending the University of Cambridge for his PhD in Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory. Congratulations to Rituparno for his achievement and Prof. C. Malla Reddy for his able guidance.
 Samarpita Sen (15MS020) Ms. Samarpita Sen (15MS020), currently working with Prof. Arnab Gupta at Dept. of Biological Sciences got selected for the prestigious Gates-Cambridge Scholarship 2021. Supported by this fellowship, she will pursue her PhD at the University of Cambridge.
 Manish Kumar Pathak (17RS049) Our Research Scholar, Manish Kumar Pathak, has received the DST- AWSAR-best story award 2020 for his short story in Hindi entitled " Chitiyon ka traffic jam?"
 Reshma Kumari Sharma (13RS012) Our Research Scholar, Reshma Kumari Sharma have been selected to participate in the BioMed X boot camp, a recruiting event for outstanding early- career scientists which will take place in Heidelberg, Germany from March 8-12,2021.The participation includes full coverage of travel expenses, accommodation and food for the entire workshop.
 Nisha Singh (17RS048)
Research Scholar, Nisha Singh has received the Augmenting Writing Skills for Articulating Research (AWSAR) award 2020 from the Department of Science and Technology (DST). The popular science story was titled "Surviving the Plastocene - era of plastics". Congratulations, Nisha Singh!
 Rohan Sarkar (18RS059)

Rohan Sarkar (18RS059) as one of the winners of Euraxess Science Slam 2020 which is a nation-wide competition aimed at making science more accessible and entertaining. [Award Winning Video]

 Deepak Kumar Jha, Research Scholar Research work of Deepak Kumar Jha, Research Scholar under the supervision of Prof. Prasanta Sanyal of Dept. of Earth Sciences, published in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology Journal has received media coverage in Times of India.
 Amit Bera (15MS batch) Amit Bera, BS-MS student (15MS batch), Department of Earth Sciences (worked with Prof. Supriyo Mitra for my MS dissertation) have received the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Virtual Berkner Travel Fellowship to participate in the 2020 Fall meeting.
 Vijayananda Sarangi (14RS028) and Ajay (17IP023) Working under the supervision of Professor Prasanta Sanyal, have received the prestigious American Geophysical Union (AGU) Berkner Travel Grant to participate virtually in the 2020 Fall meeting.
 Archita Rana (DES), Jiten Kumbhakar (DMS), Sudip Sinha (DPS), Sayan Kumar Jana (DCS), Abinash Padhy (DCS) Selected for the prestigious PMRF fellowship:
 Jashodhara Chaudhury Research Scholar under the supervision of Prof. Supriyo Mitra of Department of Earth Sciences, has received the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Virtual Student Travel Grant to participate in the 2020 Fall meeting.
 Aritraa Lahiri (13IP005) Selected for SITARE- Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Appreciation Award 2020 by DBT-BIRAC.
 Arunita Banerjee, Research Scholor  Selected to deliver a live, oral presentation at SciComm 2020, a virtual conference, over the weekend of August 14-16; hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
 Prajna Paramita Das, 4th year BS-MS Selected for the ERI Summer Internship Program under JST Sakura Program 2020, at the Earthquake Research Institute (ERI), University of Tokyo. She is currently working under Prof. Supriyo Mitra in the Computational Seismology lab.
 Piuli Shit Selected for the DAAD fellowship to pursue her doctoral degree at the University of Regensburg, Germany. She will be working on the topic of social hierarchy formation in Platythyrea punctata ants. Piuli did her Master's thesis under the supervision of Dr. Anindita Bhadra and started her Ph.D. in the same lab using the DST-INSPIRE fellowship.
Dr. Shuvojit Paul A former Ph.D. student from the Light-matter Lab (DPS), IISER Kolkata, under Prof. Ayan Banerjee, has won the Humboldt Research Fellowship. This award is granted in recognition of a researcher’s entire achievements to date to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their discipline.
Ms. Ritika Thakur Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Amirul Islam Mallick, is working relentlessly for more than three months at the PMCH Microbiology lab for Covid-19 testing.
Dhiman Ray DCS alumnus, Dhiman Ray, is one of the only 5 graduate students in the US to have received a prestigious grant from the Molecular Science Software Institute (MolSSI), a center funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) of US, for developing open source computational platforms for Covid-19 research. Dhiman did his final year project with Prof. Ashwani Kumar Tiwari.
Rituparno Chowdhury (15MS028) The Research Work of Mr. Rituparno Chowdhury (15MS028) has been highlighted in the prestigious International news outlet the Wire.
Rahul Pratap Singh and Rohit Prasad Rahul Pratap Singh (BS-MS, 4th Year) and Rohit Prasad (BS-MS, 3rd Year) along with Sabhyata Gupta(BSc.Physics, Punjab University, 3rd Year) performed very well in IBM Quantum Challenge and were awarded IBM Quantum Advanced Badges.
Prantika Bhowmik, CESSI Dr. Prantika Bhowmik, supervised by Prof. Dibyendu Nandi of CESSI, IISER Kolkata who graduated last year has received the 2019 "PhD at-large Prize" of the International Astronomical Union. The prize is jointly decided by all nine subject-specific divisions of the Union and is one of the highest international recognition for PhD research in the field of astronomy, astrophysics and space sciences.
Sanchita Pal and Lekshmi B Sanchita Pal and Lekshmi B, final year Ph.D. students working under the supervision Prof.Dibyendu Nandi, received the "Young Scientist Best Paper Award" and the "Asia Pacific Solar Physics Meeting Best Paper Award" respectively for their talks during "5th Asia Pacific Solar Physics Meeting" held from 3-7 February at IUCAA, Pune.
Bikash K. Behera (18RS025) Research Scholar of Dept. of Physical Sciences has been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister's Fellowship for Doctoral Research by the SERB, Govt. of India.
Sumeet Ranjan Sahoo (14MS010) Student of Dept. of Chemical Sciences, working under the guidance of Dr. Swadhin Mandal,  has published 2 papers in the journal "Chemical Science", one as joint  first author, and one as second author, during his time as a BS-MS student here in IISER Kolkata. "Chemical Science" is a top-tier.
Nisha Singh Research Scholar under the supervision of Dr. Gopala Krishna Darbha of Dept. of Earth Sciences, has received the prestigious  Newton-Bhabha 2019-20 short term fellowship funded by the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy  (BEIS) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) offering an opportunity to  work with Dr. Matthew Cole in Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK for three  months.
Sourav Banerjee (15RS046) Senior Research Fellow working under the supervision of Dr. Rupak Datta, in the Department of Biological Sciences, has been selected for Newton-Bhabha Ph.D. placement program. He will be joining Dr. Mark Carrington's lab, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, for four months. His visit will be funded by the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and the Department of Science & Technology(DST), Govt. of India, under the Newton Bhabha Fund.
Jami Prashanti Research scholar of 17RS batch working under the  supervision of Dr. Amit Ghosal, had participated in the SERB school on  nonlinear dynamics (held from 2-31st Dec) at IIT Patna. There was an oral  presentation competition. Five participants got the best oral  presentation award, and she was one of the recipients.
Mr. Mahadev Mr. Mahadev (14RS052, DES) from the OSL-TL lab of Dr. Manoj Kumar Jaiswal has been selected for the 6th International Palaeoflood Conference to be held in Massey University, New Zealand from 27 January 2020 to 31 January 2020. He has also been awarded the International Support Grant from Science & Education Research Board (SERB), Govt. of India, to attend the same.
Mr. Susobhan Das A Ph.D. student from the research group of Prof. C Malla Reddy, DCS, has received the "Young Scientist Award" by the International Union of Crystallography, which enabled him to attend the Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA) Conference in Singapore during 17-20 Dec 2019.
Mr. Avijit Kundu Mr. Avijit Kundu from the Light-matter Lab of Dept. of Physical Sciences, working under Prof. Ayan Banerjee, has won the 2020 DUO-INDIA STUDENT FELLOWSHIP AWARD along with 15 other members across the country.
Mr. Sourodip Sengupta Research Scholar under the supervision of Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma, was among the 22 participants selected across Asia-Pacific to attend the IBRO-APRC ASSOCIATE SCHOOL ON BLOOD-BRAIN-BARRIER: FROM BASIC PHYSIOLOGY TO EUROLOGICAL DISORDERS held at Punjab University, Chandigarh from November 04-09, 2019.
Ms. Archita Rana (17IP020) Aan Integrated PhD scholar in the Dept. of Earth Sciences working under the supervision of Dr. Sayantan Sarkar, has been selected for the Global Engagement Fund award of University College London (UCL). As part of this award, she will undertake collaborative research at UCL during 18th January to 2nd February 2020 with Professor Neil Rose on reconstructing historical pollutant deposition profiles using lake sediment archives. The entire research, stay and associated expenses will be covered by UCL.
Mr. Rituparno Chowdhury 5th year BS-MS student of Dept. of Chemical Sciences has secured the Young Scientist Award for the best poster in the recently held India-International Science Festival (IISF) conducted in Kolkata. His poster was adjudged as the best out of nearly 1000 posters presented by PhD from various fields of science and technology from all across India.
Ms. Nisha Singh Ph.D. scholar under the supervision of Dr. Gopala Krishna Darbha in the Department of Earth Sciences, has been awarded Raman-Charpak Fellowship 2019-20 for five months to visit and work in collaboration with a university in France.
Mr. Abhisek Ghosal Mr. Abhisek Ghosal, a SRF in Dr. A.K. Roy's group of DCS, has received International Travel Support (ITS) from Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) for attending the prestigious workshop, "2019 TDDFT School & Workshop: Excited states and dynamics, USA".
Mr. Abhishek Bose Mr. Abhishek Bose (13IP041), Senior Research Fellow of Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma's group, has received the Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) International Travel Award, to present his research work in "49th Society for Neuroscience Conference 2019" to be held at Chicago, Illinois, USA between 19-23rd October, 2019.
Dhrubajyoti Mondal Dhrubajyoti Mondal, a former PhD student under the  supervision of Prof. Soumitro Banerjee, who graduated IISER Kolkata in  2018 has recently joined BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics.
Mrinal Bhunia
Mrinal Bhunia, a research scholar working under the  supervision of Prof. Swadhin Mondal in the Department of Chemical  Sciences, has been offered a postdoctoral position in well-renowned scientist Prof. Daniel Mindiola's group in the University of  Pennsylvania, USA (an Ivy league school).
Pradip Hota Pradip Hota, a research scholar working under the supervision  of Prof. Swadhin Mondal in the Department of Chemical Sciences, has been  offered a postdoctoral position in well-renowned scientist Prof.Ken D  Karlin's group in Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Rituparno Chowdhury (15MS02) EPSRC Visiting Student, jointly at  the Department of Chemistry and Cavendish Laboratory, University of  Cambridge, under the guidance of Prof. Daan Frenkel (Trinity College)  and Dr. Alpha Lee (Cavendish Laboratory).
Jeebak Deoghuria (15MS013, DBS) Sanger-Lab Visiting Student,  Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, under the guidance  of Prof. Ben Luisi.
Arnab Majumdar (18RS024,DES) Has been selected for the Goldschmidt 2019 International Conference in Barcelona, Spain.
Debottam Bhattacharjee (14RS053,DBS) Has been warded the prestigious Developing Nations Research Award, 2019 from the Animal Behavior Society (ABS), Glenview, Illinois, USA.
Subhajit Bhattacharjee (14MS167, DCS) Awarded the prestigious 'His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales Commonwealth Scholarship' by the Cambridge Trust for pursuing doctoral studies at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK.
Rohan Dahale (17MS194), Hitesh Rattan (17MS049), Nitin Kumar Khandelwal (17IP016, DES) and Jai Kishan Rajak (15MS162, DES) Teams of “Rohan Dahale, Hitesh Rattan and Umang Srivastava under the guidance of Prof. Ayan Banerjee” and “Nitin Kumar Khandelwal and Jai Kishan Rajak under the guidance of Dr. Gopala Krishna Darbha” has been selected for VISION 2019, a competition hosted by the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

Sounak Mukherjee (15MS139, DPS)

Selected for the Siegman International Summer School on Lasers. He has also received the OSA Foundation grant for attending this school.

Varun Ramaprasad (14MS051, DPS)

Offered a "Physics Excellence Award" by the University of California, San Diego to start his PhD program in the department of Physics.

Debanjana Chakravarty (14IP035, DBS) and Fareeha Saadi (14IP005, DBS)
Selected to present their work at the 103rd International Conference of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) - "IMMUNOLOGY 2019" held in San Diego, California during 9-13th May, 2019. Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma and Debanjana received the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) Laboratory travel grant 2019 and Fareeha received the Department of Biotechnology travel award to attend the conference.
Shubham Chandel (14RS013, DPS)
Awarded the Teddi Laurin Scholarship 2019 from SPIE in partnership with Photonics Media, in the amount of $5000. This scholarship is in memory of Laurin Publishing and Photonics Media founder, Teddi Laurin. It is a part of one of the five top named fellowship provided by SPIE in a year. This award is intended to assist Shubham with research expenses as he pursues his educational and career goals in optics and photonics.
Aakash Anand (15RS003, DES)
He has been sanctioned the CSIR Foreign Travel grant to enable him to attend and present his paper at the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 16th Annual Meeting, Singapore during 28th July to 2nd August, 2019. He has also been selected for the AOGS Student Volunteer Fee Waive Scheme for the conference, which provides him a fully waived registration fee among other benefits.
Shubham Chandel  (14RS013, DPS) and Anchita Addhya (14MS049, DPS) The members of BioNaP (headed by Prof. Nirmalya Ghosh) Shubham Chandel  (14RS013, DPS) and Anchita Addhya (14MS049, DPS) have been selected for  the distinguished Siegman International School of Lasers (USA). Shubham  Chandel has also been awarded the OSAF grant for attending the school. Anchita Addhya has been awarded the  Zuegel Family Scholarship 2019 besides getting selected for the  aforementioned school.
Sounak Mukherjee (15MS139) and Suprovo Ghosh (14MS153) of Dept. of Physical Sciences Selected for the prestigious and once in a life time opportunity to attend "LINDAU NOBEL LAUREATE MEETING" 2019.
Iqra Shahzad (15MS153) and Sayanur Rahaman (15MS007) of Dept. of Biological Sciences
Selcted for Summer International Fellowship at Yale University, Connecticut and National Institute on Aging, NIH, Baltimore respectively. Both Iqra and Sayanur are selected for Khorana Program Scholars 2019, is a highly selective, well renowned and prestigious fellowship program funded by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India, Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and WINStep Forward. It provides Indian students with fully funded summer research opportunities in United State of America, specially University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) and partner universities.

Ms. Sangeeta Majumdar and Mr. Sayan Dutta

Research Scholars from Dept. of Chemical Sciences have received the best poster prizes in the 16th Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (TCS) 2019, held at BITS Pilani.
Ms. Sangeeta Majumdar's Poster Title: "Effect of Spatial Confinement on the Electronic Structure of Atoms: A Density Functional Theoretical Study"
Mr. Sayan Dutta's Poster Title: "Donor-Acceptor Interactions in Early Transition Metal Halides and Group 14 Compounds: A Theoretical Insight"

Ms. Pousali Mukherjee, 14MS batch

Student from Dept. of Earth Sciences was selected for Poster Presentation titled "Investigation of the Lithospheric Structure of the Archean cratons of Gondwanaland- Insights from South India and Western Australia" at the 55th Annual Convention of Indian Geophysical Union (IGU) held at Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh during December 4-7, 2018.

Ms. Avyarthana Ghosh

Times of India Pune edition features the contribution of Avyarthana Ghosh, CESSI PhD Student, in the development of the Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope payload for the Aditya Space Mission.

Mr. Himanshu Agrawal (15MS)
Mr. Riddhi Mandal (14MS)
Mr. Rahul Samrat (14MS)
Mr. Chirantan Parui (13IP)

Himanshu Agrawal (15MS), Riddhi Mandal (14MS), Rahul Samrat (14MS), and Chirantan Parui (13IP) of Dept. of Earth Sciences have got Roland Schlich Early Career Scientist's Travel Award for their submitted abstracts in The European Geoscience Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019. The General Assembly 2019 will take place at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) in Vienna, Austria, during 7-12 April 3019.

IISER Kolkata hold the 3rd position in the IISM 2018 held in NISER Bhubaneswar during 15-20 December, 2018.
IISER Kolkata has become the Champion on the first version of Inter-IISER Cultural Meet (IICM 2018) held in IISER Kolkata during 21-23 December, 2018.
Mr. Abhishek Bose of 13IP

Mr. Abhishek Bose of 13IP, a senior research fellow from Prof.Jayasri Das Sarma's group had received CSIR travel award to attend and present poster titled "Mouse Hepatitis Virus restricts ERp29 mediated chaperonin pathways of gap junction protein Connexin 43 trafficking and assembly" at the prestigious ASCB-EMBO 2018 meeting (American Society for Cell Biology and European Molecular Biology Organization) at San Diego, USA, December 8-12.

Ms. Prantika Bhowmik of 13RS

Ms. Prantika Bhowmik of 13RS and her guide Prof. Dr. Dibyendu Nandy from CESSI, for their publication in Nature Communication, This was also reported in several news papers. Link for the same is Their work dealt with "Prediction of the strength and timing of sunspot cycle 25 reveal
decadal-scale space environmental conditions".

Mr. Shubham Sharma of 13MS

Mr. Shubham Sharma of 13MS and his guide Prof. Dr. Supriyo Mitra from Computational Seismology lab, for their publication JGR solid earth on 5 dec. 2018. It is titled "Seismic Attenuation of the Eastern Himalayan and Indoâ€Burman Plate Boundary Systems, Northeast India". Link for the same is

Mr. Sourodip Sengupta of 14IP Has been awarded "Suttee Nag Prize" for the Best Paper Presented in the Poster Category at the recently held International Conference on Neuroscience & XXXVI Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Neurosciences Theme: Translational Research in Improving Mental Health from October 29 - 31, 2018 at BHU, Varanasi.
Mr. Manmeet Singh (13RS) of DBS Received travel grant attend and present a poster titled "Fusiogenic property of virus determines the mechanistic aspects of axonal loss concurrent with demyelination" at 34TH CONGRESS OF ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis ) Berlin, Germany, 10 - 12 October 2018.
Ms. Lucky Sarkar, 5th year IPhD

Participatd and bagged ˜Third best Oral Presentation award" in the category of ˜Young Scientist" at the Third "International Conference on Nutraceuticals and Chronic Diseases" (INCD-2018 ). It was jointly organized by Swami Rama Himalayan University (Dehradun, India), International Society of Nutraceuticals & Chronic Diseases and University of Tennessee Health Science Center (USA), in Dehradun, India, from 14th-16th September, 2018. The title of her work was 'Neem bark  extract impairs mouse hepatitis virus infectivity and protects 57BL/6mice from neuroinflammatory damage'

Mr. Avijit kundu (15RS) of DPS Won "Best Poster Award" in recently held OSI International Symposium of Optics (OSI-ISO 2018) held  in conjunction with XLII Annual meeting of Optical Society of India at  IIT Kanpur during 19-22 September, 2018.
Mr. Debapriya Pal (14MS) of DPS Bagged "2nd Best Oral Talk Award" in recently held OSI International Symposium of Optics (OSI-ISO 2018) held  in conjunction with XLII Annual meeting of Optical Society of India at  IIT Kanpur during 19-22 September, 2018.
Mr. Avigyan Chatterjee (14MS) DES

Selected to receive a student travel grant to attend the 2018 Americal Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meeting scheduled during 10-14 December, 2018 at Washington, D.C., USA

Mr. Debmalya Basak (15MS) DMS Bagged a place at Hilbert-Bernays Summer School 2018, organised by Georg-August Universitat Gottingen, Germany
Ms. Geeta Goyal (16MS) Monash University, Malaysia  Published Article on Ms. Geeta Goyal of DCS
Shubham Chandel (14RS) and Sudipta Saha (12 IP) Selected for Best Paper Award in the International Conference on "Photonics Europe" held in Strasbourg, France between 22-26 April 2018
Ashwani Kumar (2017 MS pass out, Chemistry Major), currently working in a project in our institute Qualified in the Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF) Scheme.
Apart from this this achievement Ashwani has already shown tremendous research capabilities and published his MS thesis work in a reputed journal of American Chemical Society along with other papers as co-author.
Debapriya Pal, 4th Year DPS, SPIE IISER Kolkata Chapter Awarded the prestigious SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship 2018 in the amount of $4,000
Rahul Kumar, Meiraba Chirom Meitei, 4th Year BS-MS, DCS Selected for NTU-India connect program at Nanyang Technology University Singapore (world ranking 11)
Madhura Bhattacherjee, IPhD student of DES Selected for Analytical Paleobiology summer course to be held at Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, USA
Abhinava Chatterjee, 4th year BS-MS student of DPS Accepted to "Princeton University's International Student Internship Program (ISIP)" for the summer of 2018.
Adipta Pal, Ujan Chakraborty, Sounak Mukherjee, students of 15MS batch Selected under DAAD WISE (The German Academic Exchange Service for Working Internships in Science and Engineering) program to carry out summer internships in Germany.
Rakesh Sahoo (14MS114,DCS)
Ashwin Chaturvedi(14MS118,DCS)
Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Award 2018
Avinash Sethi, DBS, PhD Student Subhrasmita Kar, DPS, BS-MS Student
Ananda Prakash Jena, DPS, BS-MS Student
Congratulations to Selected Students in ITC Infotech Campus Placement
Ritesh Kumar Panda (DES  16IP013) Selected for SN Bose Scholar's Program 2018
Rajalakshmi Saha 15MS129
Madhavi Andhari 15MS135
Ankit Amrutkar 15MS033
Pallab Datta 15MS089
Hrishika Rai 16MS113
Paresh P. Rana 16MS055
Souvik Ghosh 16MS050
Diptatanu Das 17MS004
Anmol Kumar 17MS028
Animish Nilesh Vaze 15MS034
IISER Kolkata iGEM 2018 Team receives grant from Department of Biotechnology to participate in the iGEM 2018 (International Competition)
Ms. Unnati Ashar, CESSI, MS in Space Science) Article 'The Many Charms of Winters' published in News Paper, The Hindu.
Mr. Shubham Chandel (DPS, PhD student 14RS013) Received the prestigious Raman-Charpak Fellowship 2017
Mr. Samrat Mallick (2nd Year, IPhD)