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IISER Kolkata is in its eleventh year of glorious existence. We have travelled a long way in establishing this Institute as a brand-institution for teaching and research by virtue of developing world-class academic programmes and performing cutting-edge research. IISER Kolkata is striving to become a knowledge-centre for value addition in the country and across the globe. With the generous advisory and financial support of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), IISER Kolkata has been creating the best of infrastructure and state-of-the-art research laboratories, equipped with sophisticated modern equipments. The Institute is emerging as an outstanding hub of research and development activities in science. A recent Nature Index ranking has placed IISERs at No. 1 amongst all Indian institutes, 41 in Asia-Pacific and 231 in World perspective. The National Institutional Ranking Framework has placed IISER Kolkata in 44th rank countrywide. According to Web of Science, as on date (01/09/2017), IISER Kolkata’s h-index is 49. As per a scientometric analysis of the research output of IISERs during the last five years (2010–14), reported in Current Science 2016, IISER Kolkata is doing extremely well.

Time has come for IISER Kolkata now to seek generous private support. The private support and contribution so garnered, small or large, will support IISER Kolkata in its quest to become a global leader in science education and research. For any institution to achieve such excellence and sustenance, it is essential to gain support and private funding to supplement the government grants to make a tangible impact on the society and contribute to the growth of our country. It will help us in preparing skilled scientific manpower for the country and the world in general.

IISER Kolkata welcomes gift/endowment/contribution/donation from well wishers worldwide

Any gift/endowment/contribution/donation to IISER Kolkata can be specifically focussed on the following pursuits of this Institute or can be non-specific. Non-specific support will be used to strengthen the Institute’s work in inviting, collaborating, recruiting and retaining talented faculty, promoting top-notch research, supporting thematic research projects of societal and national importance, seed-funding of start-ups, and strengthening our existing academic research programmes.

All contributions to IISER Kolkata are eligible for tax deduction

Specifically focused support can be targeted towards the following institutional initiatives, such as:

  • Endowed faculty chairs or research fellowships to recruit and retain the best of the minds;

  • Research support for the programme of a specific faculty member;

  • Excellence awards to reward exceptional performance by faculty and staff;

  • Travel support for students and faculty to participate in conferences or conduct research;

  • Overseas research fund for PhD students and young faculty for visit(s) under MoU;

  • Merit scholarships for undergraduate students;

  • Research support for Institute’s Centres of Excellence;

  • Development of Infrastructure (e.g., a new hostel; new research centres, laboratories, etc.);

  • Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurial Activities.

IISER Kolkata will rely on the sustained generosity of its well wishers for support of many of its exciting and innovative initiatives. We have also envisioned that a large number of alumni will excel in their careers in corporate, business, government and education fields. It is our endeavour to seek their support in giving back to the Institute as well as to the society along with the support of our staff and faculty members.

For supporting IISER Kolkata, you can make your contributions by credit card, cheque or electronic funds transfer. For more information on the type of support and tax-related queries, please write to We will also be very happy to share about the ongoing development activities at the Institute.

All contributions made to IISER Kolkata are eligible for tax deduction under following clause of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

(1) Sub-Clause (iiif) of sub section 2(a) of Section 80G
(2) Clause (ii) of sub-section (1) of of Section 35