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Projects and other facilities

Sponsored Projects and Consultancy

IISER Kolkata considers sponsored research with utmost importance. Additionally, the consultancy projects to be undertaken by the faculty members will be very much appreciated. The R&D office will coordinate various aspects of project management, like initiation of project proposal, opening an account in the R&D Office, hiring of project personnel, purchase, etc.

  1. Sponsored Projects:
    A faculty member may approach various national and international funding organizations and industries for sponsored projects. The DoRD will forward the proposals to the funding agencies. Generally, the research proposals are submitted as per the format of the funding agencies. The formats of various agencies are available at the R&D website in IntraNet.
  2. Consultancy:
    The Institute encourages the faculty members to undertake consultancy work. The consultancy work should be of such nature that it enriches the professional experience and the knowledge as a faculty member. Engagement in consultancy work by a faculty member must be communicated to the DoRD office and approved by the DoRD in advance. The faculty member must inform to the DoRD office about the tentative amount of time to be spent monthly for such consultancy work.
  3. Appointment/Selection of Project/Research Personnel:
    1. For selection of Project Assistants and higher positions (JRF, SRF, RA), the selection has to be done based on a 3 member committee involving the PI, the HoD and one other DoRD nominated expert from the Institute.
    2. Fellowship will be provided to JRF, SRF and RA as per the guidelines of the funding agency.
  4. Medical Facilities for Project Employees:
    Dean's office is wokring on to bring all employees and fellows under any project and all PhD students under a centralized group medical insurance scheme.
  5. Professional Development Account-Project (PDAP) and Department Promotional Account (DPA):
    Faculty members at IISER Kolkata are involved in carrying out Sponsored Research, and Consultancy. To encourage these activities, the Institute encourages faculty members to have a Professional Development Account-Project (PDAP) in which part of overheads from the projects can be transferred and utilized by the faculty members for their professional development activities. In case, the project involves more than one PI, it will be equally distributed in their PDA or in a proportion mutually decided and conveyed by the PI to the R&D office in writing. The PDAP of a person will be closed on the day of his/her superannuation/resignation and the balance amount will be transferred to the concerned departmental promotion account (DPA).