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Computing Facility

The Computing Section remains the custodian of all network and computing solutions of IISER Kolkata. The section strives to provide easy yet secure network and computing access to all members of IISER Kolkata. The section provides all core services, such as, mail, web, wiki, helpdesks and  home-built academic ERP solutions. The section manages all wired and wireless LAN throughout the campus. The main external network connections to IISER Kolkata is provided by National Knowledge Network (NKN) in the form of an 100 Mbps dedicated network line.

NKN also help built a virtual class room in IISER Kolkata which accommodates about thirty participants and is connected through the NKN grid to all other major Institutes of the country. The Institute boasts of several small computing clusters (200 to 600 Giga-flops) which are presently operational. The computer section expects to setup a 1 Tera-flop high performance cluster in the near future.

Computer Center

For the course students and research scholars, the section manages a Computer center which has about fifty desktops, some of which are connected to form a small experimental cluster names Meghnad.

Various institute servers have been signed using the Institute's own master certificate. For a secure connection and to check proper authentication institute personnel are requested to use/install the master certificate.


SAN_0005-1.jpgComputer Centre



High Performance Scientific Computing

In addition to various small clusters, institute has a following big cluster.

Ramanujan Cluster

No. of nodes: 9
No of cores in each node: 24
No of cores in cluster: 216
Clock Speed: 2.67 GHz.
RAM in each node: 48 GB
Operating System: CentOS




SAN_0003-1.jpgServer Room